Is there anybody out there?

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted… How does that happen?  Life happens.  Good things happen.  Busy happens.

Not a thing in the world to complain about because all is going INCREDIBLY well for me.  This last year I’ve learned, laughed and continued to love every second of every day.

Still working the same job and loving it… Hard to believe that I would love doing something so very different than anything else I’ve ever done.

Still checking out concerts as often as I can.  I’ve seen DMB a few times of course, Zac Brown Band, Australian Pink Floyd & The Clarks… There may be a few more in there, but I honestly don’t remember at the moment.

My Etsy Shop (Check it out here) is keeping me CRAZY busy… Which is so awesome!  I get to combine so many of my favorites (music, quotes, creativity) and create one of a kind pieces for people all across the country.  🙂 It’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

I’ve been to Penguins games, Steelers games, Pirate games.  Fall festivals & farms. Family get togethers. Work trips. Hiked 14 miles in the mountains of Libby, Montana.  I’ve been all over the place doing things in this last year.

My heart is happy.  I am happy.  Busy.  But happy.

Miss ya’ll and hope you’re doing very well!

“be kind always…”



I really can’t find the words to say how thankful I am to all of you for your support for Pete  and I in the last week or so. While we came up a little short in the end, the fact that we ended up in third place is nothing short of amazing. We could not have gotten that far without all of you. SO THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! And a huge thanks to Pete too. You’re awesome 🙂

As I posted once or twice throughout the contest, We all have a story. Every person that entered had their reason for wanting to meet Dave. One’s reasons for wanting to meet Dave no more important than the other. I’m proud of the way Pete and I went about things… We kept it classy and played it cool, minus a little begging from all of you to JUST CLICK THE LINK 😉

You all know how much I adore Dave, the band and their music (and if you didn’t NOW YOU DO!). It’s a crazy love affair that began some 17 years ago when I first heard the music… So to say that I (we 🙂 ) would have been thrilled to meet Dave through this contest would be an understatement. As Pete said, I do as well. It’s not just a band… It’s way more than that for me (us 🙂 ) and many others. The number of shows I’ve been to is irrelevant; having been to under 20 makes me no less of a “fan” than someone who has been to 100+. For me it’s my constant happy place. NO matter the day or mood, this music has been my constant. I love the message I get from their songs. I adore the people I’ve met from all over the world (some unknowingly right in my back yard) who share in this love. People that I’ve come to know and love. People that I consider to be my family.

Something I’ve learned from all of this… from the band… from the music… from this contest… from all of the friends I’ve made through this music… If there’s something you want to do… DO IT. “Take these chances…”

Do what makes you happy. Be with the people you love. If you’re not happy with some aspect of your life, do something about it. LIVE YOUR LIFE. If anyone would have told me a year ago I’d have had met Stefan, would consider Boyd a friend and be going to the Gorge in a few months I would’ve looked at them like they were crazy. BUT because of this music, I’ve had the most incredible year of my life. And I’m totally excited to see where else I end up. One thing I know for certain, I’ll continue sharing the LoVE all along the way.

“You’ve gotta do much more than believe if you really wanna change things.”



Care to share your time with us!

My friends…. I have a HUGE favor to ask!

Do you have a minute? Actually you know what? How about a second? That’s all it takes!

A couple posts ago I asked for your help in spreading the word about a contest to meet Dave Matthews…

I still need your help! My friend Pete & I teamed up and are now in third place out of about 400 people!

The contest ends tomorrow night just before midnight and we need your help to push us to the top for the win!

To vote is easy… Just click this link:


You don’t have to sign up. Just click.

You can share the link. Reblog it. Tweet it. Email it. Text it. Rent a plane & skywrite it! Every little hit helps!!!

Getting to meet Dave would be a true dream come true for Pete & I.

Thank you so very much for your help!!!

Lotsa LoVE❤


Trust the path you’re on

Sometimes you just simply need to have faith and trust that the path you’re on is exactly where you’re supposed to be. It’s not always easy, but it’s the way…


The last few weeks have been quite a challenge… From surgery to balancing all of life’s responsibilities to making sense of relationships to deciding where I should go and what I should do.

This quote was sent to me by a friend… And it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It served as a reminder that sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and just live. Stop over analyzing every little thing and accept what you have.

Sometimes you have to come to the realization that you can’t always do everything. That there are limits. That you have to set limits. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is stop everything and just take care of you.


People may understand or they won’t. If they don’t then the loss is on them. Taking care of you and loving you should always come first… If you don’t do those two things, what good can you be to those of you in your life? And for the “some” that don’t get it? Do you really want those kind of people in your life?


My friend Amy, posted the above of Instagram… Yet another message received at the perfect time. Make room in your life for the right people. The people that build you up. Don’t allow others to tear you down.

Leave room enough in your heart only for those deserving and worthy. Keep the loving hearts and genuine souls close always. They’re the ones to hold near and dear no matter the day or situation.


You never know where your sunshine will come from. You never know whose day you’ll brighten. So keep a happy heart and a loving smile handy.

Trust the path you’re on. Enjoy every second of the ride and always be kind, no matter. ❤❤❤

A Little Bit of this and a whole lot of LoVE

Ok… so I know I’ve been a bit of a slacker in posting lately.  Truth be told life is just plain old insane these days.

I SHOULD be sleeping as I have a trying day tomorrow.  Having surgery AGAIN for those pesky kidney stones.  Hopefully this will do the trick.

Aside from that I’ve been busy working away at my full time job. And starting a 2nd job which I’ve not yet been able to do as of yet thanks to the pesky kidney stones.

Plus I FINALLY opened my ETSY shop!  For you long time followers, you know that was something I’ve been WANTING to do for as long as I can remember.  Well… I finally did it!!!  Here’s a peek at my store banner…


What do ya think?  I’m really liking it 🙂  So… if you’re feeling curious, stop on over to Mae Street Designs and see some of what I’ve been up to!  Lots more will be posted in coming days.

You know what else I’ve been up to?  Loving on my favorite band… I got to see the Dave Matthews Band perform in Pittsburgh last weekend and as always, I was left without words.  From the incredible people I spent the day with from ALL over the world ( seriously, there was a fella at our tailgate that was from Austria), to the beautiful weather to the AMAZING sounds of DMB, I couldn’t have been happier.  Image

I was PROUD to be representing the Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation the entire day… Spreading Matt’s message of LoVE, kindness and generosity was a huge honor.  Sharing his story truly touched my heart in ways I can’t even explain.  Matt was a HUGE DMB fan and his story has greatly touched and inspired the entire DMB Family.  

Another cool thing that happened that night was this…

ImageI got to see my friend Boyd again… It had been since December and the welcome I received was just awesome.  Words don’t describe how kind and genuine this guy is.  

ImageSo very lucky to be able to call him a friend.  

There’s a ton more that I want to say and need to say about so many experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met in the last year.  All thanks to this music that I love.  But THAT is deserving of it’s own post in its entirety and I’m not ready to do that just now.

BUT if you would be so kind… as to help me out.  It’s a tiny favor.  A wee little favor.  I’m going to post a link… All you have to do is click the link.  Click it every day from now until June 23rd.  Every time you do it gets me one vote closer to a chance to meet Dave Matthews himself… If you know me, you know how big this is.  So PLEASE, click the link below.


That link right up above… go on click it.  Share it with your friends… Help a girl out.  PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!

Hope this finds you all doing well!  I WILL be back soon… I PROMISE 🙂