The Big Day- Adoption Day

The other day I was reminded that the word “family” can take on many meanings and can appear in many shapes and forms.

A limo arrived to pick up nephew #4 and our entire family to take us downtown to the courthouse…  You see, on this particular day in June my brother-in-law was going to officially adopt B-Shane.  B-i-L  was the only father figure B had known since he was 2 years old.  B-i-L  fulfills this role most willingly and ever so perfectly.  He loves B-Shane unconditionally; this we knew already.  Going to the courthouse was just a formality.  But to make the day most special for B-Shane, his Pap W arranged for a limo to take us to the court house.  Talk about exciting!  How many 9 1/2 year olds can say they’ve been in a limo TWICE!  After the appearances in front of the judge and a few tears of joy being shed and visiting Mount Washington, it was up to B-Shane to decide where we would go for lunch.  HIS CHOICE!  And the winner was….. Taco Bell! Followed by Rita’s Italian Ice for dessert.  Yes, my friends we rolled up to Taco Bell and Rita’s in a limo.  It was a ton of fun and the most awesome way to celebrate a spectacularly awesome kid!


Love this boy to pieces...

B-Shane became a Balogh…  It was truly an awesome day!


It got me thinking….

Typically family involves a genetic connection of some sort.  In my world, in my life, blood does not always make a family.  Many of those closest to me in my family are not linked by blood, but love.  Love, caring, compassion, and trust trump blood.  Those are the important things.  Yes, genetics are important; however I believe family is most influenced through the connections we make with people.  The bonds we share that intertwine and spiral back to the other members of the family.  Whether distance or circumstance keeps members of my family far in miles, their presence is ever ready in my heart, mind and being.

Divorce and remarriage, death and circumstances always change the dynamic of family.  While we’ve lost some members through the years, my family has grown exponentially.  Some tied by blood, but many not.  That doesn’t matter to me one bit.  Love leads all and guides all.

My family is ever-growing and additions on the horizon.  Moments together savored for eternity. Those separated by distance or circumstance are ever-present.  Always family.


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