Just a few of my bits ‘N pieces…

Love me or like me or not…it is all good.

Learning to speak my mind rather than hold things in…This has both its advantages and disadvantages…Learning to find a balance in the middle.

I am me…I am who I am because of choices and circumstances of the past…Wouldn’t change anything…Trying to perfect that as best I can keeping in mind there is no such thing as PERFECT…

Accept me for who I am or don’t…I’m okay with that…

Music is my saving grace….happy, sad and everything in between turning tunes on helps me breathe…gets me through it all.

Learning not to invest too much time into people and things that are just not worth it only to get burned in the end…again something I am trying to improve upon.

I’ve been blessed beyond belief with the best friends and family and thank my lucky stars for them each and everyday.

I still believe that my prince charming is out there somewhere…He must have taken a wrong turn and got lost trying to find me

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