Archive | July 19, 2010

The LoNg and ShOrT of it….

Some days the list just goes on and on… 

Busy as can be from early in the morning, throughout the day and running straight into the evening hours until it is way past a reasonable bedtime and I am beyond exhaustion.  Catching up with this and that; getting ahead here and there; just getting by with the day-to-day.  Finally able to lay my head down for a “restful” sleep when the bits and pieces from the day’s events return for evaluation; memories and moments of yesterday melt into the past and present;  fluttering their way to the surface for speculation and moderation amidst the sleepy thoughts; enchanting the inner wirings which in return prevents the lull of a pleasant dream and restful sleep from taking hold of me.   Longing to drift away into the sleepy haze without the looming of all of life’s going ons overhead.  Why can’t we just turn the inner wirings off when we so choose??? Continue reading