The LoNg and ShOrT of it….

Some days the list just goes on and on… 

Busy as can be from early in the morning, throughout the day and running straight into the evening hours until it is way past a reasonable bedtime and I am beyond exhaustion.  Catching up with this and that; getting ahead here and there; just getting by with the day-to-day.  Finally able to lay my head down for a “restful” sleep when the bits and pieces from the day’s events return for evaluation; memories and moments of yesterday melt into the past and present;  fluttering their way to the surface for speculation and moderation amidst the sleepy thoughts; enchanting the inner wirings which in return prevents the lull of a pleasant dream and restful sleep from taking hold of me.   Longing to drift away into the sleepy haze without the looming of all of life’s going ons overhead.  Why can’t we just turn the inner wirings off when we so choose???

As the sayings go….”too much to do, so little time” or “there aren’t enough hours in the day.” 

I find myself at times rushing through all that is going on throughout the day just to get everything done that needs to get done; from work, to home, to running errands.  There is always “something” that needs done.  When you are caught up in the hustle and flow of life,  you can so very easily look beyond the little things that are important; the things that matter; the things that make you happy. 

My great escapes include music and “creating.”  If you know me at all this should come as no surprise to you.  Creating is what I LOVE to do…home decor, cards, albums, gifts, invitations (well ok, maybe I should stay away from invitations unless you don’t mind me leaving the date off of them), writing, brain storming future plans for projects.  You name it, if it involves paper, i love makin’ it.  The music, serves as inspiration and motivation.  I find it soothing.  Using what I gain from the lyrics or composition to influence the pieces as I work or it just calms me. 

I take great pride in all that I do; I just may not express it outright to those around me.  The hours I spend working on a special project are important, if not necessary for me to get everything just right. It’s a process for me.  My projects are my own brand of therapy.  Making the mess is part of the process.  The finished project is the reward.  Everything in between is just for me. I so need to find more time to work on my loves.  I can always have music playing, I just need to find the time to “create” more frequently. The difference is not just saying it, but actually doing it.  Something I am still learning to do.  Gotta get better on the “follow through.” 

…And the beat goes on…

There are no right or wrong kinds of tunes for me.  If I like it I’ll listen to it.  I’ll give anything a try at least once, if not twice in most cases.  Artists that I never thought I would listen to have found a home in my “library” as it is ever-growing.  From the old and classic to iconic to new digs, nothing is off-limits so to speak.  If the lyrics speak to me or the instrumental jams give me goose bumps, I’ll listen to it.  If the rhythm makes me bump or close my eyes and just soak it in, I’ll listen to it.  Some songs and artists live high in the ranks of my “favorites” list.  Others are dependable standbys.  Others still are new finds that speak to me in some way or another.  There is just something about listening to the words of another, in song, that can bring me back to reality or take me away to another place in the matter of seconds.  People often ask the question, “What music do you listen to when you are sad?” and “What music do you listen to when you are happy?”.  My answer is always…my music doesn’t change.  The artists and songs I chose to listen to speak to me all the time.  The music I listen to when I am happy is the same music I listen to when I am sad, angry or upset.  Music is an emotional thing for me.  It helps me find words when I cannot find my own.  It helps me calm down after a long and busy day.  It encourages me when I need a pick me up.  It fires me up if I’m all keyed up about something or need to get keyed up.  It is there.  The constants in the ever-changing thing called life.    Why listen to it for any other reason?  Just asking.

The LONG and ShOrT of it all…

…I will get by…

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