…Christmas Lights…

I can barely contain myself….

        So last night was quite amusing for my neighbors if they were watching…I had an extremely blonde moment when I got the brilliant idea to put up my 6 foot tree in the living room in addition to my 9 foot tree….Since it clearly overcrowded my one bedroom apt, I decided it would be a good idea to move the fully decorated tree out into the hallway (which is where I had it last year).

Needless to say many words were shared, ornaments went flying everywhere; ribbon, garland, beads all in disarray. Hmmm, to be a fly on the wall…what a sight it must have been. Would I change anything??? Nope. yet another memory to be had of my most favorite, magical time of year. I just LOVE Christmas ♥ Then to top it off, I wanted to show my cousin an ornament I had made out of one of my grandma Gobbel’s old aprons that my pap used as a rag.  Looking at the “little” tree….hmmm… don’t see it.  Ok, must be on the big tree…still don’t see it.  Now I start to freak out because having just done a craft show where I sold almost all my other ornaments that look like this sentimentally irreplacable ornament.  Panic sets in… “I can’t believe I did this… what if someone bought it by accident…I’m can’t believe I did that.”  So my lovely cousin offers to help look… Still nothing. I resign myself to the thought that this precious little piece is forever lost.  My cousin returns home ( she lives right next door).  I closed my door feeling sad and defeated.  I walk over to my coffee table, reach for the remote for my stereo and what do I see???  PLAIN AS DAY, the ornament I spent about 15 minutes (seemed like days) fretting over.  Ya, that sounds like me doesn’t it?  That ornament is now promintently displayed at the top of my big tree.  I know it was just an ornament, but it was IMPORTANT  to me.  The holiday season is mine for the taking…


We are in the midst of the most magically wonderful time of year…

The month of December pretty much makes me feel as a kid again.  No matter my age, I quite simply adore the Christmas season.  Every little thing about it makes me smile…from music to lights to gift giving to yummy eats to family and friends.  I love everything about it.

These are a few of my FAVORITE things…

  • The MUSIC:   This should com as no surprise to most.  the music of the Christmas season is AMAZING.  Each year I find myself itching to dig out my cd’s and begin making new playlists to enjoy all through every moment of the day. From the Contemporary Holiday station on Slacker.com ( work) to CD’s in the car to playlists at home there is nothing more warming than the familiar sounds of tried and true classics sung by iconic artists of yesteryear as well as the new, up and comers.  Even more exciting to me than pulling out all of my normal standbys, is discovering new additions for my music collection.  The winners for new additions this year are David Barnes and Sheryl Crow.  Two albums I am super excited to have purchased and will continue to enjoy for years to come.  What is your favorite holiday tune? Christmas Lights by Coldplay maybe mine…
  • Gift Giving: Have you ever read Shel, Silverstein’s,  The Giving Tree ? Such a basic principle… I simply LOVE giving.  There is no greater feeling than to see the reaction of a loved one when they receive something they truly wanted or never expected.  The gift of giving is such a rewarding and fulfilling act to take part in. I would be a-okay if for the rest of my life I was the “GIVER” and was provided the opportunity to provide unlimited moments of excitement and thrill to every one of all ages just by giving them something.  ****Just to clarify**** When I talk about giving, it’s not the size or cost of the gift that hold’s importance. The mere thought and actual gesture of giving of oneself whether it be of time, talent or treasure is of more importance.  Giving little bits and pieces of myself are more often more rewarding than spending a couple hundred dollars on a gift.  So long as it is from the heart…that’s what counts.
  • Family and friends: I LOVE my family… Some of my BEST and most valuable memories are of the holidays when I was younger.  Cousins in from out-of-town and chaos breaks out… you know, the good kind.  Silliness and foolishness and laughter over everything and nothing from playing late night board games with a cousin who is seemingly sound asleep on the couch blurting out the correct number to bathrooms flooding to 2 ladies who shall remain nameless taking over a Nintendo system and refusing to let us kids play.  You never knew what to expect when you’d get us all together, but one thing for certain was we loved each other and valued our time together.  If only we could get us all together now… let me rephrase; if only we could get us all together now for a HAPPY occasion.  I am very happy to say that my family has grown exponentially over the years due to divorce and remarriages and what not. The tough part is getting everybody together.  But look out when we do.  Doesn’t matter which side or how long it’s been, there is NOTHING better than sitting around, reminiscing, catching up and spending QUALITY, meaningful long over due time together.  Friends fit right in with family…some I only see now around the holidays.  At one time that would make me sad, but at this point in my life I am grateful and thankful for any and all time I have the opportunity to reconnect and catch up with friends old and new.  Each second spent together, if only around the holidays, is even more precious.
  • Yummy EATS:   My family loves to eat.  What you may ask??? Pretty much anything and everything  has made an appearance over the years.  From artichokes to shrimp and lobster to taco dip to green jello salad to Thumb print cookies ( with a secret ingredient) to ham to the boxes of Dorothy’s Chocolate covered cherries to the ominous worry of wild game making an appearance without out knowing it.  Everyone brings way too much.  Everyone indulges too much.  Everyone enjoys.  Food is GOOD.
  • The MAGIC:    This is the most important to me…the most mesmerizing and enthralling aspect of the holiday season.  The magic of Christmas.  Each person experiences the magic in their own way.  I have experienced this magic in many different ways through different avenues in varying scenarios and vantage points.  Part of my love and fondness of the season comes from being a teacher while also being an aunt.  Have you ever seen the pure excitement and utter amaze on the face of child?  Whether it be from the sight of the jolly man in red or THE #1 toy from their wish list or the awe of taking in all that is on the christmas tree, I simply cannot gain more satisfaction of than those moments. My most vivid images in recent years are two-fold. 1.)  My students wrote a letter to Santa asking for new leap pad books and a grocery store set for the classroom.  So the big guy came through (I can work the Santa magic quite well)  and surprised the kiddos with a special delivery the week before Christmas complete with a letter addressed to each child in the class.  While reading the letter aloud to them, I took in all that I could… the look of pure joy and excitement brought tears to my eyes. 2.)  The same year, after having set up the classroom Christmas tree each student took a moment or 2 to check everything out upon their arrival.  I am so very thankful that I had my camera with me that day.  On a whim, in one quick flash of a second, I captured the most perfect picture of a 5 year old little boy, with a broad grin spanning from ear to ear gazing intently at the seemingly towering tree to spy his most favorite ornament.  The simpleness of the photo spoke loudly to me.  Christmas is magical…

The meaning of it all…

Even with all that I am thankful for and adore about the holiday season, the true meaning of the season is not over shadowed.  The gift that was given to us on that night is the most precious and rewarding one could ask for.  Be blessed this Christmas.  Be thankful for all…the music, the friends and family, the gift-giving, the yummy eats, the MAGIC and the gift we were so blessed to receive from above. 



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