Everyone has them. 

For themselves…

for others…


Have you ever really sat back and thought about it….

I hold high expectations for myself in all areas of my life.  I generally have thought this a good thing; an asset; a bonus. 

…My Expectations…

Happiness:  overall general happiness in all areas of life.  Have to get myself in the right mindset.  Just BE happy.  No need to put stipulations on happiness or deadlines.

Perfection:  I strive to be as close to my perception of perfect in all that I do; almost to a fault as told to me by a very dear friend.  Whether it is home décor, appearance, performance or goals… the expectation for having things just right all the time only sets oneself up for failure.  I expect great things of myself and without the high expectation for near perfection I am not happy.  What is perfect any way???

The man: At one time, I thought I HAD to have a man in my life to be happy…

            Let me clarify; not just any man, THE MAN.  The one that I knew for sure I would spend the rest of my life with and have the picket fence, 3 kids, yada, yada, yada… That image, stemming from THE LIST (topic of a previous post).

We all know THE MAN has yet to make an appearance in my life.  That is a-okay, simply because I know, deep in my heart that he is out there… My expectations are simple. 

                    1. Honesty, 2. Faith, 3. Respect, 4.Love, 5. Trust…   

Anything above and beyond that borders along near perfection.  My overall happiness in life and with myself is more important than THE MAN.  The man will come along in time; all in due time. If he is the right one, happiness…

Friends: Expectations of loyalty, dependability, camaraderie…laughter, tears, silence and endless talks.  True friends are there for you through all stages of life…Even when things are strained or distance separates, at the drop of a hat all you need to do is pick up the line, knowing they are there for you.

this is tricky.  I’ve had friends come and go over the years.  Some I am sure will tell you that I did or said something or I changed; I’m not denying any of that.  My problem with this is…People change; you experience things in life that change you.  Regardless, your friends should be there for you.  THROUGH IT ALL.  Real friends do…stick with ya through the toughest of times and are still there to pick up the pieces or celebrate the successes. 

Family:  Same characteristics as friends the main difference being you don’t choose your family.  Family too can be tricky…You get 30 people together and there are bound to be differences in opinions, upbringings, feelings and emotions.   lines of communication need to be open and a willingness to listen and give respect. 

To me, family is not solely determined by blood.  I have 4 siblings thanks to marriage, divorce and remarriage.  To be quite honest I am very thankful for that. Got some majorly kick-ass sisters outta that whole deal as well as brothers.  While there may only be “half-blood” or no blood at all… I am very happy to be the middle child of our mixed up brood. The funny thing is, I find myself to be the most like my older sister and my younger brother.  I’m a good mix of the both of them and they aren’t related at all; their only common thread is me. 

Anyhow…my expectations as far as family is concerned are LOVE, Patience, and loyalty.  I don’t get to see a lot of my family very often.  The majority of my cousins are all over the freakin’ place.  Honest to God, I could plan a cross-country trip to try and visit everyone.  No matter the distance or frequency of visits, their love is known.  Even if the visit is only one day out of 365, the time is cherished and remembered.

Expectations are tricky. 

 Are they necessary evils?  At times they sure could be. Trying not to let expectations or the LIST define me, but expectations and standards are necessary.  Life is what you make of it; you open doors; make choices and take chances.


Live up to your expectations…

Live, breathe, laugh, cry, love, believe, hope. 


  Without expectations where would you be going?

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