Feelin’ stooooopid…..

Yes…..I know…I spelled it wrong….

This girl finally caught up with the times & got a touch screen phone with a data plan….woo hoo right?  WRONG! !!!!

OH MY! The inadequacy in my ability to send a text message let alone typing this post is near infuriating!  Extra LETTERS, wrkng letters & just trying answer a phone call is nearly enough to make a 32-year-old feel archaic!!!

I swear to you I am a bit of a technologically advanced individual… I can almost ALWAYS figure out computer issues having resolved viruses, installing software & helping others do the same.

Maybe my decision to get a touch screen phone was someone’s indirect way of knocking my technological confidence down a notch or two. If so…I would have to say success has been achieved and then some.

So just for the record, I know how to spell STUPID… my skinny and long fingers somehow seemed to have morphed into fat little sausages that are preventing me from writing intelligible bits ‘n pieces…

So for now, please don’t comment on my misspellings or think I am ignoring your text or phone calls. It’s just taking me a bit longer to fumble around & respond.

Here’s to hoping I don’t chuck the phone out the window any time soon… 🙂


One thought on “Feelin’ stooooopid…..

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