A little bit of a Fresh Start….

sitting here looking at my blog, I decided to make a little change…

Considering it a touch of a fresh start as the new year is under way; and given that one of my goals is to allow more time for myself to write I decided it was time for something a little different.  Nothing big at all…

Some may not have even noticed it if I didn’t mention it, but… “Bits ‘n Pieces” is no more…  the reason being …

When I started this blog on a whim about 8 months ago, I didn’t know where I was headed; originally intending the focus of my writing to be on the little bits and pieces of wisdom I gathered from all areas of life… mainly the words of another.  Whether it be the lyrics of a song, an inspiring quote, or just a phrase.  As the months have gone by, I have shared many a topic in varying depths and aspects of my life.  Allowing you to get to know a side of me that perhaps you hadn’t had the privilege or horror of making acquaintance. 😉  Reason being I didn’t think I wanted to share that much of the nitty-gritty aspects of my life… You know, the deep little “secrets” we all tuck away deep inside of us;  for no other reason than to ignore their reality and  downplay their significance or even the fear of letting in what actually makes you tick.  Writing this blog has afforded me the opportunity to display and vocalize vulnerabilities I never would have shared otherwise.  I cam to realize I was sharing much more than mere “Bits ‘n Pieces” of my life but larger puzzle pieces that sometimes fit into the inner workings of all that is me.  I’ve let you in on my days, both good and bad and every assortment there of. 

This then led me to the title change, and coordinating it with the url I chose for the blog 8 months ago.  Bits ‘n Pieces was taken… I had no idea where to go from there… somehow settling on a combination of TWO of my nicknames… Maggie and Mae. Combining them together to make maggiemaesdays.wordpress.com… So why not make that the new title for my blog?  Sharing my days with you has been so enlightening thus far and I hope to continue doing it for some time longer.  It has been a wonderful release for me even if no one ever read it, but am so thankful to you that have 🙂

So here’s to a new chapter and a little bit of a fresh start….  Sharing with you, Maggie Mae’s Days!  ENJOY!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts and continue to read along.


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