Never Say Never

Just when you think you have things and people figured out…

 something changes…

you have doubts…

or better yet you are surprised…

And even still better you surprise yourself…

Life has a funny way of twisting and turning and shaking ya up.  I mean everything… all rocked; strewn about.  Going from one extreme to another in a mere matter of moments.  Nothing specific to aid in the deciphering of emotions amidst daily discourse.   

Hard to Explain….

Let me try…

Have you ever been DEAD set against something? 

 I’m talking about the “Over my dead body” kinda attitude.

Let me start by saying that I consider myself to be a pretty fair/open-minded individual in most cases.  I’m usually wiling to try most new things.

With that being said, there were always a certain few things that I never would have even considered participating in or have ever fathomed I would find myself enjoying.  But again, life has a funny way of twisting and turning and shaking things up. Just a few…

  1. Country music:  About 10 or so years ago, I absolutely REFUSED to listen to country music.  Never would have even given it a shot, which is pretty closed-minded since I have proclaimed myself to be a “lover of all music.” There was just an underlying stereotype associated with the whole twangy, “woe is me” country tunes.  Somewhere along the line I found myself hearing a pop country song and kinda diggin’ it.  Before I knew it I had purchased a couple CD’s.  Now, I will say that I am still to this day not a true die-hard country fan, but I am a fan of  a few more popular artists such as the Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.  With age, my tastes have broadened and am always willing to give an artist a shot.  You’d really be surprised when looking at my music collection.  There’s nothing off-limits; with maybe the exception of techno. As a certain someone recently said upon our first correspondence, there is no drug on the planet strong enough to make me think that techno music is a good listen.  But hey, who am I to judge.  To each his own, just not for me.
  2. The Tattoo:  I always told myself, “if I made it through 4 years of college without getting a tattoo, why should I get one now.”  I went with many friends when they got theirs in college.  I thought about it, but always chickened out.  I even had a sketch drawn out of what I wanted.  But never did it between the years 1996 and 2000, so it was settled in my mind that I would NOT get a tattoo.  Who in the right mind would get a tattoo, their FIRST tattoo after college.  I mean seriously, “grow up.”  Ummm ya.  That whole timeline, deadline restriction thing I seemed to have valued entirely too much in my early 20’s came in to play again.  Why the need to put a goal date on something? I dunno… But long and short of it.  I had an idea for a tattoo; I made a rough sketch completely different than the one I had made in college; passed it off to a most talented best friend of mine and she drew up something AWESOME.  SO guess what… before this girl turns 33 she’s gonna have her first tattoo.  So looking forward to it.  The meaning behind it is much more important to me than the fact that it took me more than 10 years to figure out that I still really wanted one.  Surprise, surprise, surprise… I never cease to amaze myself sometimes.  Now, you know I am kidding of course.
  3. Now this last thing I said I would never, never, ever do is going to remain nameless for the time being.  Those of you closest to me will know what I am making reference to.  At this point in time, the rest of you will just have to try to read between the lines.  Sorry, not giving it away just yet.  But for years, I have heard “do it, do it, do it” from more people than I care to admit.  My sisters, mom, best friends, acquaintances.  You name ’em they said it to me.  “Just give it a shot.”  “What have you got to lose?”  “You’ll never know until you try.” Yadda, yadda, yadda.  I wanted to hear NOTHING about it. Just not something I wanted to do at all.  No desire in the least.  If I wanted to, I could and would do it.  The difference being I needed to do it in my own time, whenever that may be… Well my own time came around about a month ago.   It’s been interesting to say the least.  Surprises, shocks and laughs galore. But taking a chance about three weeks ago has led me to be very pleasantly surprised … Happy, smiling and laughter…I’ll take it! Am I enjoying things at the moment?  ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!  😉  If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll fill ya in. But my point in “sharing” (not sharing) is to never, ever, say never.  You just never know who or what may pop up in your life…could be good; could be bad…You’ll never know unless you try.  Happy to say I have been graced with good…thinking it’s very good actually. 

Here’s my point.  Don’t build walls and hide behind them just because there’s something new along the horizon.  Take a leap of faith.  Try something new.  Something you never thought you’d do in a million years.  Something that you were dead set against ever even considering the thought of doing.  Take a chance.  Consider it a challenge.  The ending result WILL surprise you if you make an honest and genuine attempt…Who knows?  Maybe you’ll even knock it outta the park or get knocked off your feet slipping on a patch of ice.  Go with it… Take in the smiles, the laughs, the new experiences.  I know I’m quite surprised so far with the outcome of my most recent leap of faith.  Surprised and happy.  Happy with my decision to give it a shot.  Happy with the ride I’ve taken so far.  Happy at the possibility of the road ahead full with twists and turns and the glimmering chance of hope… Happy with the leap I’ve taken…

That leap of faith is a powerful thing.  Having faith in yourself, others and your choices is so very important.  I am thankful to have a daily reminder of such magnitude.  Everytime I’m unsure, discouraged or wavering,  I look at the many pieces on my walls.  With every initial of a piece of my art work… I see it.  MFT… The “F” standing for Faith, my middle name.  It’s there as a daily reminder…to have faith in myself and the decisions I make; have faith in those I surround myself with; have faith that my choices are just that.  I have the choice to hide behind walls or embrace new ventures. No longer hiding behin a wall… I’m liking this new venture I am currently on. Thinking I’ll stick with it.  See where it takes me. No timelines or handbooks determining my path or rules along the way.  Learning more about myself and others.  Very happy with my choice and the leap… Where will it lead me?  Only time will tell…

I’ve really surprised myself in the last few weeks and have also been surprised by others… in the best ways imaginable.  It’s all good as far as I’m concerned. 

Never, ever, say never.

 You just may surprise yourself… or maybe someone else will surprise you just in time.

I’m just sayin’……..


What are you thinking?

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