…the worrier…

Worry, worry, worry…

Yep, that’s me through and through.  Try as I may to NOT worry, I only end up worrying more.

It’s not that I enjoy worrying at all. In actuality I HATE it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a worrier…just ask those closest to me. Though I’ll worry about that too.

From the littlest, most insignificant of things to the largely uncontrollable.

If I make a phone call to a friend, significant other or family member and they don’t answer I worry…if they don’t return a call I worry.

Send a text and get no response….what do I do you may ask???? Yep, I worry.

Bringing up a “sensitive” subject I worry about the response or in some cases the lack there of.

I worry that those I love are upset or angry when often times there is no need. In my mind however, silence or delayed responses or again the lack there of fuels the worrying fire.

I worry that I’m letting people down or making them unhappy.

I worry that if I am happy, the other is not.

I worry that I said the wrong thing, didn’t say enough or even worse said too much…one would think I’d have learned to leave we’ll enough alone. But, instead, I worry.

I worry about what others say and think.

I worry that others don’t say or think.

I’ve worried that I’ll be alone.

I’ve worried about loves lost only to realize that nothing was lost.

I’ve worried about the possibility or lack there of.

If someone says everything is ok…why do I worry it is not?

I worry that my best isn’t that.
I worry that my mistakes can’t be corrected.
I worry in my dreams.
I worry.

I worry about expectations.

Worrying that mine are to0 high or not high enough.

I worry that I’ve hurt those closest to me.

I worry that some don’t agree with me.

I worry because the truth hurts.

Worry that I’ll become too close.

I worry that I’ll open myself to be hurt.

I worry that reality is far more different from my dreams.

I worry that my dreams will not become reality.

I worry that I waste too much time…


I am just so good at it…

Can’t seem to control it… asking are you ok? Are we ok? What’s the matter when nothing needs to be said or done.

 Silence can be lethal for a worrier…. I’m just sayin’ is all.

Attempting not to let worry take over and consume me…leading to none other than more worrying.

Worrying about the need to stop worrying…

Worrying about things to be done.

Worrying that things won’t be done.

Worrying that those who mean the most won’t reciprocate…

Worrying that those won’t understand…

Worry about the future and possibilities it holds.

Wheels keep pushing worry through…

Worrying what all this worrying is about…

Letting go of the worry… it should be EASY shouldn’t it.

If it’s meant to be easy it will be…

Leaving the worries in the hands of the One who is in control…


6 thoughts on “…the worrier…

  1. Maggie Mae….I just read your blog and have been where you are…..everybody has. To some extent, we all worry. And as we get older, our worries change to the degree that we stop worrying about what we used to worry about and a whole new gammet of worries comes to mind. Being a pastor, with a small p, a couple of verses that came to my mind were Matthew 26:33-34 and Philippians 4:6-7. I am not preaching at you honey, believe me, I need these verses as much as you or anyone else does. but the really cool thing is this…..when I opened FB this morning, the first post was from a pastor friend who had written this:

    ‎1 Peter 5:7 says that we should cast our cares upon the Lord knowing that He cares for us. So don’t worry when life gets tough, but humble yourself and put your trust in Him. And know this, as you cast your care on the Jesus, He will do exceeding abundantly beyond all you could ever expect. God cares for you!

    That just seemed to be directed at you at this moment. God does care for you and in His way, He provides wisdom and strength and grace to help each of us face the worries of today and tomorrow. Psalms 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” He knows the desires of your heart, so trust Him and trust the things your heart desires.

    Love ya muchly.

    • Uncle Marty, thank you…You know me well. Don’t think we’d be human if we didn’t worry. Just comes a point where you have to decide whether to continue worrying or just live in the moment and put it all is His hands…I’m there I think 😉 Love you muchly.

      • Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today…now I don’t want you to worry about visiting…just breath deeply and relax, it was a fine visit and a wonderful comment. You did well. 🙂

        I once heard an older gentleman tell the story about how he was full of worry one night and unable to sleep. Finally he said to God, “You are going to be up all night anyway so one of us may as well get some sleep.” He surrendered his worry and soon had a good night sleep. Like it says in a previous comment. Cast your cares on Him because He cares for you.

        • Thank you also for stopping by and thanks for the advice! I’ll tell ya what…Writing all the worries down helped me a bit. Not to say I’ve stopped worrying completely as that is just part of who I am, but I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to leave them in His hands.

  2. Girl, someone out there needed to read about ‘worry’ today and so therefore, you and I decided to write about the same issue we face! Either that, or we needed to support each other. Ha, ha. 🙂 Awesome post, and I can totally relate!! Oh, wait, you already knew that… 😉

    • Worry was absolutely the topic of the day! It even came up at work and I referred a friend to my blog as well as yours 🙂 I’ve got your back girl! 😉 By the way, just wanted to let ya know I am so thrilled I subscribed to your blog! Went back and read a lot in your archives too. Love reading your posts every day… wish I could get to posting more frequently… Was one of my goals this year. Keep ’em coming!

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