My first…

There’s always a first time for everything right?

For everything that you do, there was a FIRST time doing it somewhere along the line; from taking your first step and saying your first words to riding a school bus for the first time and leaving home to go to college and so forth.  Everyone’s FIRST takes on its own significance for their given situation…some slightly more significant than others. 

Sometimes though it is the less significant FIRSTS that are more fun and exciting depending on the perspective you choose to have.

Today I’m doing a FIRST…. Making a pot roast.  I know, I know… don’t get too excited all at once here. I mean seriously… how hard can it be right?  Let’s just say I was/am a bit nervous about setting off the smoke alarms and having to throw dinner away. But I’m not gonna let the “worrier” in me get in the way of trying to cook a yummy dinner. 

Here’s to hoping that dinner turns out well or we’ll be going out for pizza 😉

I guess I should mention, that I am cheating a little bit…. A certain special mister pointed me in the direction of McCormick’s pot roast seasoning/bag kit.  Think that should help out in my success tonight!  We’ll have to let ya know…cross your fingers!

Enjoy every first you embark on… you don’t get a redo on FIRSTS, but can always try again but it’s not quite the same.  Make the first count.  I’m trying to!


4 thoughts on “My first…

  1. I like first impressions and my first impression of your writing is: Exciting, Adventurous and Bold. Press On and God Bless!


  2. Hey Megan…I so enjoyed reading through several of your blog’s entries! Very uplifting and inspiring:) I’m totally enjoying my day off and hope you enjoyed yours too. See ya on Wednesday.

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