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Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend… At least that’s what I’m calling it ūüôā

What made this weekend so special you may ask?

A whole lot of little nothings made it special

  1. On Thursday, a dear friend and I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Southside¬†Works for dinner where I enjoyed a DELICIOUS grilled portabella¬†mushroom sandwich and she got a chicken¬†parmesan¬†sandwich.¬† They were too good for words!!!¬†¬†¬† We then went to one of my most FAVORITE places on earth…. Joann Fabrics… to pick out fabric for a SUPER¬†cute tote bag that one of the parent’s at our school is going to make for us!¬† Can’t wait to show you pictures of it when it is finished!!! Much needed and well spent time together!
  2. Finally got a good night’s sleep Friday night, even though I woke up early Saturday morning.¬†
  3. Saturday I got to watch my 8 month old nephew while my little sister and the rest of our family went to find out the sex of her baby that’s due in July.¬† IT’S A BOY!!!!¬† Three boys for my girly, girl sister.¬† Perhaps that was¬†someone’s way of helping her save some money ūüėȬ†Love my nephews (4 of them) and my niece.¬† They are the greatest gifts!
  4. My older sister came over for a visit Saturday evening.¬†¬†We swapped stories and she shared her ever so wise sisterly advise, not to mention the goodie bag she had for me too.¬† She’s¬†so good to me.¬† ¬†
  5. I FINALLY took down the rest of my Christmas decorations.¬† Yes, you read that correctly.¬† It’s almost March and my decorations were still up.¬† Stay tuned to an upcoming post about that ūüôā
  6. I rearranged my living room!¬† Woo Hooo!!!!¬† Tweaked the layout a little bit, shuffling furniture around.¬† I’ve come to the conclusion that I need another piece of furniture… A comfy chair or a small comfy love seat would do.¬† I’d also LOVE to get a new coffee table as the one I have now is in sad, sad, shape.
  7. I organized my CDs…. This was a HUGE task, but it allowed me to dig in to some music that I haven’t listened to in a LONG time.¬† Good to hear some of my old friends blasting from the speakers…. Not too sure my neighbors would agree though ūüėČ
  8. Went to church Sunday with my mom.¬† Last Sunday was a rough day for me…didn’t even make it through mass.¬†Which apparently was evident to a couple of fellow church go-ers as they asked if I was ok, one sharing that they said some prayers for me.¬† How sweet is that?¬† I am thankful.
  9. Got a call from one of my closest, long-time friend’s daughter yesterday inviting me to her grandma’s house for her mom’s (my friend) birthday dinner.¬† Again, how sweet is that?¬† She’s my family.¬† So lucky.


¬†All in all I would definitely say that was a good weekend.¬† Doesn’t take much some times.¬†

I’ll take what I can get….Especially when friends and family are involved!

What did you do this weekend? What made it wonderful?

Better Days…


I was without a doubt in an unrelenting horribly, awful mood.

There wasn’t one significant thing that got me there…

Perhaps¬†a combination of many things that just compounded¬†into an unbelieveably foul mood…

 Apologies to any and all that were affected by my mood because try as I may, yesterday there was no hiding it or getting around it.

Last Night…

A much-needed¬†and long-awaited restful sleep took grasp of me on the early side last night…

Couldn’t even tell ya what time it was went I allowed myself to succumb to the sleepy haze that took hold.

Dreamless sleep was apparently something I needed.


A new day is upon me, having woken up much earlier than I usually prefer on a weekend…. 6:30 AM.

I feel rested.¬† Something I haven’t felt in a little over a week.

That horribly awful mood seems to have dissipated.  THANK HEAVENS for that!!!

Today I am excited…

I find out if my little sister’s baby #3 is pink or blue…

She’s already got two blues which is par for the course in our family that is predominantly blue… maybe this is the one.

Stay tuned to a later post with the results!!!

My point…

No matter the day, circumstance or situation… Better days are ALWAYS ahead.

Don’t let darkness take you over.¬† At times you may feel helpless and allow yourself to let the darkness take hold.¬† Sometimes you just can’t shake it; It happens to the best of us from time to time.

You can take control if you want.¬† Yesterday I didn’t do such a good job of it.. but hey, I am ONLY human.¬†

I have weaknesses and can easily get lost in my own thoughts, the actions of others and the dark cloud that looms over at times.

The promise of Better Days is always there. 

You just have to accept the yucky ones and take them for what they are. 

Learn from them. 

Grow from them.

Acknowledge that Better Days are sure to come… let them in and enjoy them.

The little things… #1


Recently I promised myself to give respect where respect is due.

In an attempt to do so, I have began to notice, appreciate & revel in the little things….the good, the bad & the indifferent. From the little things that make you go “hmmmmmm” to the ones where you say, “what the….?” to the little over looked joys that grace us in the day-to-day.

So today, I’d like to begin sharing with you the first of many newly discovered little treasures.


Snow melting…

Monday night we got hit with a snowstorm that dumped a little over 9 inches, bringing along with it a whole new brand of headaches. I guess I should mention that we got a bit more snow than was predicted also creating nightmarish commutes for many as well as closing most schools for the day. We all plugged on through the day in spite¬†of these weather related setbacks. Yesterday, as I stood outside on my break at work, a mere day after the snow fell, I heard a soft, quiet, continuous noise. Looking around with the sun shining down brightly, I heard the trickling of water in the downspout. It was not the noise I was trying to decipher though. It took me a minute or two more to identify that soft, quiet, continuous noise. Then i¬†saw it… little bits of snow and ice falling off of the trees surrounding the parking lot. Hmmmmm. Don’t think I’ve ever heard it or noticed it before. Oddly enough though it brought a smile to my face. Here’s why…. i caught a glimpse of the coming of spring. As the sun glistened down, the snow began to melt as evidenced in the trickling of water in the downspout and the melting snow falling off the trees. The light at the end of the weary, dreary wintry tunnel is getting closer day by day, minute by minute. As a matter of fact, one of my coworkers spotted at rather plump robin perched upon a barren tree branch yesterday as well.



Spring is a comin’ and with it brings the promise of new life…


A fresh start for all of us.


What “little” things make you smile?


I recently subscribed to this blog and have enjoyed the positive bits ‘n pieces provided in each post. This post in particular spoke loudly to me upon its delivery and so I thought I’d share. Enjoy

What stops peace is when we plug the flow of God‚Äôs Love with our muddy thoughts and judgments. It doesn‚Äôt mean that our peace no longer exists. It only means that we have plugged the flow of God‚Äôs loving energy with our fear. We can bring clarity and the pure stream of joy and understanding back into our conscious awareness by simply choosing Love instead of fear at all times. A Course In Miracles teaches that we are far too tolerant of our mind … Read More

via Sending Joy

Taking the Challenge…

When I posted Decisions…Revisions… back in January, one of the items on my list was to blog more frequently.

Feelin’ like I’m doing a pretty good job so far if I do say so myself! ūüôā

With that in mind, I have decided to officially take the Post A Week Challenge for 2011, committing myself to posting something new at least one time a week for the entire year. 

Looking back so far, I have already done this without even realizing it and am really looking forward to taking on this challenge!

Writing for my blog started out as a way for me to just get all the little¬†odds and ends¬†out of my brain; to share words that have influenced me in one way or another…

It has gradually evolved into a fulfilling release for myself while also reaching many others.¬† Who’d have thought people other than my friends and family would actually start reading my ramblings???¬†Certainly not this girl.

Something I’ve also come to learn, love and appreciate about¬†this journey that has become my blog is the amazing community of bloggers I have come to “know” and respect.¬†¬†Reading¬†their posts have inspired¬†me.¬† Reading their words of encouragement and support¬†have cheered me up.¬†¬†Learning about them and their world through their posts has been so refreshing.¬† THANK YOU to¬†those that have stopped by, offered words or simply “liked” a post.¬†

Looking forward to a fulfilling year of ramblings ahead…¬†¬†

I’m ready for the challenge!¬†