Woo Hoo!!!!!

I did it! Made my first pot roast without setting off the smoke alarms and no food poisoning!

The whole dinner was quite easy to put together actually. Two quick short cuts that made preparation and clean up SUPER easy made for a nice, relaxing & enjoyable dinner. Definitely would recommend McCormick’s bag/seasoning kits and Ore-Ida’s Steam and Mash Potatoes.  Yes, I cheated a little, but short cuts one was willing to take living in a small apartment… You’ll have that sometimes. 😉

I will admit though, that “the worrier” absolutely made an appearance a couple times as I began preparing the meal and even as we sat down to eat. Having only cooked for myself most often I began worrying if the meal I was making would not only be edible but be liked as well. Throw into the mix that you’re making someone’s favorite meal, pressure for success is enormous. After much gratitude and a 2nd helping of dinner… I think I began to relax a little more. Success levels in my “cooking” abilities moved up a notch. Woo Hooo!!!! Thanks to the brave fella that trusted me enough to try it and then actually liked it too!

Going to the grocery store even had me worried a bit.  Wasn’t sure what kind of “meat” to get… Anxiety setting in as I approached the cooler…and was super excited to find something labeled “pot roast.”  Could it really have been that easy??? Well, I was excited; then slightly disappointed at ALL THE FAT through out even after trimming it.  Lesson learned…go to the meat department and talk to the butcher.  All in all though  I was assured that the meal was yummy the day of and even when I shared my left overs with mom. So I asked myself… Success?  Eh… Sure.  Why not?

While I do enjoy cooking, I admittedly am hesitant to try making new things….usually just stick to a few handy go to recipes such as chili, turkey tacos or egg dumplings. Yep, I am a novice.  If you remember, one of my “must-do” items on THE LIST involves trying new recipes…think I have started off on a good foot. One new recipe a month is the goal I set for myself… Definitely thinking it’s more attainable now that I have my FIRST pot roast under my belt. 

The taste of success is pretty sweet… Not gonna lie 😉


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