True colors…

Have you ever been blindsided having discovered someone’s true colors?

Having thought you know someone and been completely thrown off guard by their actions, words or lack there of either?

Not an easy thing to accept or understand.

Disbelief in the reality that you’re forced into once the rug has been pulled out from beneath you is imminent.

Forcing you to question, wonder and ponder.

The reality though showing that just maybe you only saw a show or only what you subconsciously wanted to see.

Dealing, dwelling, disbelief.

The true colors shining through may not be the prettiest colors your eyes have seen; the words spoken (or lack there of) not the sweetest your ears have heard (or not heard for that matter).

Learning from it… or trying to at least.

8 thoughts on “True colors…

  1. I think we all have moments like this in our lives but as long as we know weve been true to ourselves and shown our true colours all along then we can grow. And its ALWAYS their loss 🙂

  2. Keep being a student of LIFE Megan! The best part of it is that there will always be lessons to learn…and if there comes a time when there are no more to learn, that will be a scary day. The biggest challenge is that the most painful lessons often teach us the most. Keep digging and learning and SMILING….those who are worthy of your time will seek you out and enjoy the time spent together:)

  3. This post resonated with me. I discovered someone’s true colors and struggle to understand also. Your feelings are so similar to mine and I appreciate you putting those feelings into words.

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