Archive | February 22, 2011

Taking the Challenge…

When I posted Decisions…Revisions… back in January, one of the items on my list was to blog more frequently.

Feelin’ like I’m doing a pretty good job so far if I do say so myself! ūüôā

With that in mind, I have decided to officially take the Post A Week Challenge for 2011, committing myself to posting something new at least one time a week for the entire year. 

Looking back so far, I have already done this without even realizing it and am really looking forward to taking on this challenge!

Writing for my blog started out as a way for me to just get all the little¬†odds and ends¬†out of my brain; to share words that have influenced me in one way or another…

It has gradually evolved into a fulfilling release for myself while also reaching many others.¬† Who’d have thought people other than my friends and family would actually start reading my ramblings???¬†Certainly not this girl.

Something I’ve also come to learn, love and appreciate about¬†this journey that has become my blog is the amazing community of bloggers I have come to “know” and respect.¬†¬†Reading¬†their posts have inspired¬†me.¬† Reading their words of encouragement and support¬†have cheered me up.¬†¬†Learning about them and their world through their posts has been so refreshing.¬† THANK YOU to¬†those that have stopped by, offered words or simply “liked” a post.¬†

Looking forward to a fulfilling year of ramblings ahead…¬†¬†

I’m ready for the challenge!¬†