Better Days…


I was without a doubt in an unrelenting horribly, awful mood.

There wasn’t one significant thing that got me there…

Perhaps a combination of many things that just compounded into an unbelieveably foul mood…

 Apologies to any and all that were affected by my mood because try as I may, yesterday there was no hiding it or getting around it.

Last Night…

A much-needed and long-awaited restful sleep took grasp of me on the early side last night…

Couldn’t even tell ya what time it was went I allowed myself to succumb to the sleepy haze that took hold.

Dreamless sleep was apparently something I needed.


A new day is upon me, having woken up much earlier than I usually prefer on a weekend…. 6:30 AM.

I feel rested.  Something I haven’t felt in a little over a week.

That horribly awful mood seems to have dissipated.  THANK HEAVENS for that!!!

Today I am excited…

I find out if my little sister’s baby #3 is pink or blue…

She’s already got two blues which is par for the course in our family that is predominantly blue… maybe this is the one.

Stay tuned to a later post with the results!!!

My point…

No matter the day, circumstance or situation… Better days are ALWAYS ahead.

Don’t let darkness take you over.  At times you may feel helpless and allow yourself to let the darkness take hold.  Sometimes you just can’t shake it; It happens to the best of us from time to time.

You can take control if you want.  Yesterday I didn’t do such a good job of it.. but hey, I am ONLY human. 

I have weaknesses and can easily get lost in my own thoughts, the actions of others and the dark cloud that looms over at times.

The promise of Better Days is always there. 

You just have to accept the yucky ones and take them for what they are. 

Learn from them. 

Grow from them.

Acknowledge that Better Days are sure to come… let them in and enjoy them.

9 thoughts on “Better Days…

  1. Hey Sis, so glad to hear that today is a better day for you. Are you sure it has nothing to do with some really good advice from your personal psychologist????

  2. This is beautiful Megan and I agree that better days are ahead… rest and reflection definitely help us too. Thank you for such a beautiful poem and for stopping by my blog.

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