Archive | February 28, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend… At least that’s what I’m calling it ūüôā

What made this weekend so special you may ask?

A whole lot of little nothings made it special

  1. On Thursday, a dear friend and I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Southside¬†Works for dinner where I enjoyed a DELICIOUS grilled portabella¬†mushroom sandwich and she got a chicken¬†parmesan¬†sandwich.¬† They were too good for words!!!¬†¬†¬† We then went to one of my most FAVORITE places on earth…. Joann Fabrics… to pick out fabric for a SUPER¬†cute tote bag that one of the parent’s at our school is going to make for us!¬† Can’t wait to show you pictures of it when it is finished!!! Much needed and well spent time together!
  2. Finally got a good night’s sleep Friday night, even though I woke up early Saturday morning.¬†
  3. Saturday I got to watch my 8 month old nephew while my little sister and the rest of our family went to find out the sex of her baby that’s due in July.¬† IT’S A BOY!!!!¬† Three boys for my girly, girl sister.¬† Perhaps that was¬†someone’s way of helping her save some money ūüėȬ†Love my nephews (4 of them) and my niece.¬† They are the greatest gifts!
  4. My older sister came over for a visit Saturday evening.¬†¬†We swapped stories and she shared her ever so wise sisterly advise, not to mention the goodie bag she had for me too.¬† She’s¬†so good to me.¬† ¬†
  5. I FINALLY took down the rest of my Christmas decorations.¬† Yes, you read that correctly.¬† It’s almost March and my decorations were still up.¬† Stay tuned to an upcoming post about that ūüôā
  6. I rearranged my living room!¬† Woo Hooo!!!!¬† Tweaked the layout a little bit, shuffling furniture around.¬† I’ve come to the conclusion that I need another piece of furniture… A comfy chair or a small comfy love seat would do.¬† I’d also LOVE to get a new coffee table as the one I have now is in sad, sad, shape.
  7. I organized my CDs…. This was a HUGE task, but it allowed me to dig in to some music that I haven’t listened to in a LONG time.¬† Good to hear some of my old friends blasting from the speakers…. Not too sure my neighbors would agree though ūüėČ
  8. Went to church Sunday with my mom.¬† Last Sunday was a rough day for me…didn’t even make it through mass.¬†Which apparently was evident to a couple of fellow church go-ers as they asked if I was ok, one sharing that they said some prayers for me.¬† How sweet is that?¬† I am thankful.
  9. Got a call from one of my closest, long-time friend’s daughter yesterday inviting me to her grandma’s house for her mom’s (my friend) birthday dinner.¬† Again, how sweet is that?¬† She’s my family.¬† So lucky.


¬†All in all I would definitely say that was a good weekend.¬† Doesn’t take much some times.¬†

I’ll take what I can get….Especially when friends and family are involved!

What did you do this weekend? What made it wonderful?