Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend… At least that’s what I’m calling it 🙂

What made this weekend so special you may ask?

A whole lot of little nothings made it special

  1. On Thursday, a dear friend and I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Southside Works for dinner where I enjoyed a DELICIOUS grilled portabella mushroom sandwich and she got a chicken parmesan sandwich.  They were too good for words!!!    We then went to one of my most FAVORITE places on earth…. Joann Fabrics… to pick out fabric for a SUPER cute tote bag that one of the parent’s at our school is going to make for us!  Can’t wait to show you pictures of it when it is finished!!! Much needed and well spent time together!
  2. Finally got a good night’s sleep Friday night, even though I woke up early Saturday morning. 
  3. Saturday I got to watch my 8 month old nephew while my little sister and the rest of our family went to find out the sex of her baby that’s due in July.  IT’S A BOY!!!!  Three boys for my girly, girl sister.  Perhaps that was someone’s way of helping her save some money 😉 Love my nephews (4 of them) and my niece.  They are the greatest gifts!
  4. My older sister came over for a visit Saturday evening.  We swapped stories and she shared her ever so wise sisterly advise, not to mention the goodie bag she had for me too.  She’s so good to me.   
  5. I FINALLY took down the rest of my Christmas decorations.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s almost March and my decorations were still up.  Stay tuned to an upcoming post about that 🙂
  6. I rearranged my living room!  Woo Hooo!!!!  Tweaked the layout a little bit, shuffling furniture around.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need another piece of furniture… A comfy chair or a small comfy love seat would do.  I’d also LOVE to get a new coffee table as the one I have now is in sad, sad, shape.
  7. I organized my CDs…. This was a HUGE task, but it allowed me to dig in to some music that I haven’t listened to in a LONG time.  Good to hear some of my old friends blasting from the speakers…. Not too sure my neighbors would agree though 😉
  8. Went to church Sunday with my mom.  Last Sunday was a rough day for me…didn’t even make it through mass. Which apparently was evident to a couple of fellow church go-ers as they asked if I was ok, one sharing that they said some prayers for me.  How sweet is that?  I am thankful.
  9. Got a call from one of my closest, long-time friend’s daughter yesterday inviting me to her grandma’s house for her mom’s (my friend) birthday dinner.  Again, how sweet is that?  She’s my family.  So lucky.


 All in all I would definitely say that was a good weekend.  Doesn’t take much some times. 

I’ll take what I can get….Especially when friends and family are involved!

What did you do this weekend? What made it wonderful?

5 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. You had a pretty busy yet productive day… I laughed at the Xmas decorations line… I used to leave them up till spring when my kids were younger…. Now, they tear them down. 🙂

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