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“Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice – Thursday Throwback

To the Extreme

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Artist: Vanilla Ice, AKA Rob Van Winkle

Album: To the Extreme

Song: Ice Ice Baby


Who doesn’t know this song?  I’m pretty sure I am not alone in “bragging” that I still know all the lyrics for this song…  I hear those first few notes of the opening rift and I am bobbing my head like the day I was in 1990 when this song first came out.  I guess besides the fact that anyone and everyone knew ALL the lyrics for this song and the catchy beats , what I remember most about this song and Vanilla Ice all revolve around appearance. 

Those pants…  What the heck were those pants???  All that extra fabric; the gaudy metallic colors; yet people started trying to pull off that look.  I was certainly digging the way Ice was wearing ’em back in the day, but no one else was able to pull it off.  Looking back, what was I thinking?  What was he thinking?  Doesn’t much matter cause he made $ off of us suckers way back when.

His hair… talk about starting a fad with the fellas.  The high top hair style was quite mystifying to me back then.  How”d he get it to stay with all that flitting around the stage?  Guessing he’s partly responsible for depleting a portion of the ozone layer with excessive use of aqua net or some other large quantity of aerosol hairspray.  Maybe it was a form of lacquer or glue, I just don’t know.  And you can’t forget the “steps” he had cut into the sides.  All the boys were getting steps cut into the sides of their hair, the number of steps equating to just how cool they were.  The more steps, the “cooler.”  Or at least we thought so.

I found this Jim Carrey parody and just had to share it with you….

The moves… Come on now… You know you’ve tried pulling ’em off one time or another.  You can’t deny it.  I remember watching a video of one of his concerts at my Aunt Anna’s house.  There were at least 6 of us trying to dance and sing along, acting a crazy fools. Oh what clowns we must’ve looked like?  Thankfully no videos were taken of the embarrassing debacle that we were.

The movie:  Cool as Ice… I can’t even bring myself to writing anything about it.  Barely thought the movie was cool back then… Now I am embarrassed by the lameness that I so freely enjoyed back then.  Eh, what are ya going to do?  Too young and stupid to know any better. 

So here it is…

Yo! VIP, let’s kick it.

Ice, ice baby.

Ice, ice baby.

All right stop,  collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop, yo I don’t know
Turn off the lights and I’ll glow
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle

Well, you know the rest. 

What fashion fad did you partake in when you were younger?  Ever try to imitate the image of a celebrity?

  I will admit, I did have a pair or two of parachute pants back then.  Pretty sure one pair was purple and the other was black.  Haven’t found any pictures as proof though, so we’ll just leave it at that!!!

Shoes to Fill, Hats to Wear and some *BREAKING NEWS*

Hey there friends…

Just a warning a head of time this post is gonna be ALL over the place.  Here, there and everywhere in between because that’s where I’m at today! 

Stay tuned though for some breaking news ahead!!! Don’t go getting your gutchies all in a ruffle, you’ll read it soon enough!!!

Some silly things have occurred in recent days and I thought I’d share one with ya.  All I can say is… I WISH SOMEONE WAS RECORDING US!!!!  

My days at work are always generally pretty busy… That usually happens when you’re the “principal” (as the kids refer to me, although my title is Executive Director)  at a Daycare/Preschool. 

On any given day I never know whose shoes I will fill or which hat I will wear.  The best laid plan just doesn’t always work out when you’ve got oodles of kiddos ranging from 12 months old to 13 year olds in a building on any given day. 

Everyday I wear the director hat but days come along where I can get back to my roots and throw on the teacher hat… unfortunately that usually only happens when a teacher is out sick, which means that soon enough another or I will end up with the icks!

Some days I get to throw on the nurses hat… taking temperatures, wiping scrapes,  healing a cut that is invisible to the grown-up eye with a band-aid or a cold wet paper towel.   Did you know that either could heal just about any wound???  I’ve had to suck it up and deal with more than I’d ever thought I could… but one weak stomach this nurse has.  Throw-ups start and my nurse hat comes off as I  happily pass the torch.  Luckily there are amazing gals willing to take the hat and clean up yucks when this girl can’t!

Sometimes I get to fill mommy’s shoes, wiping tears or comforting with hugs. Snuggling and soothing a weepy wittle one.

 There are days when I play confidante to parents in our families, providing support or a listening ear.

 I play good cop, bad cop and referee sorting out all kinds of things from knocked down blocks to potty words to he touched my tambourine.

Repositioning pony tails or fastening barrettes, a beautician I must be too!!!

An operator. A secretary.  A xerox representative un-jamming a jammed up copier.

You’ll see me slithering, hopping, stomping and clapping while singing many silly songs along with silly faces just to see a great big smile on all the little faces!!!

A clownMe as a clown on any given day but always Halloween,


Mrs. Potato head        this year I even was Mrs. Potato head too, can’t believe I’m letting this be seen! 

I can do the best potty dance in town you know…then again it’s better you didn’t!

Yesterday though I got the chance to take on a role that I never have before with one exception involving a little mouse.  I had to put on my “big girl” pants (after much coaxing) as one of the teachers noticed a little bunny “resting” in the parking lot. 

Yep… someone hit a bunny in our parking lot.  Poor little Thumper left alone… Worried that he was still alive a  teacher braver than I went out to investigate.  She did in fact determine that the poor little fluffy tailed critter was at least not suffering.  So now we had to figure out what to do… the poor little bugger was in plain sight of all the tiny little kiddo’s eyes. The teacher braver than I, myself and teacher #2 banded together to try to collect the little thing, while another teacher kept the kiddos inside busy and away from the window.

Now, I must tell you that I had a pet bunny for much of my childhood having gotten Kokimo in 5th grade and had her for 11 years so the thought of a poor little bunny laying in the parking lot was already bringing tears to my eyes.  And remember above when I was wearing the nurse hat? That’s right, this girl has one WEAK stomach…

The brave teacher tells me to suck it up as she is the mother hen of the 3 of us and that’s what mother hens do. Teacher #2 and I are holding a large bag while brave teacher tries to gently help bunny to its new “home”.  Without going into further graphic detail, all 3 three of us end up screaming like tiny little girls when ALL of said bunny doesn’t make it into the large bag teacher #2 and I were holding while the winding is a blowin’… I’m laughing at all of our reactions while crying because I am sad for the bunny to gaggin at the sight and thought of what we were having to do which then in turn created more hysterical laughter.  Now I’m standing there holding this bag, praying I don’t end up with bunny bits all over me, closing my eyes, laughing hysterically, crossing my legs so I don’t pee myself, while bawling and gagging all the while brave teacher is getting frustrated while also participating in the screaming and laughing and tells me to suck it up.    After the 3rd try (and lots of gross details in between) our poor little Thumper bunny was safely contained…  and I sucked it up and put the little fur ball “to rest”  laughing, crying and gagging the whole way.

So I don’t know what type of hat you’d call that or whose shoes we had to fill. 

On any given day, I truly never know just what duty will be required or what my daily role will entail. What I do know for sure is there is never, ever a dull moment… happys, sads and all that’s in-between are just good enough for me. Smiles on the littles faces and arms outstretched for me make my days all the more brighter no matter what or who I need to be. 

 And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some ***BREAKING NEWS***  …

In recent weeks I have decided to “limit” my Facebook time for several reasons… it’s a blackhole of a time waster… I’d rather be writing…I’m working on crafty things… and most importantly all the complaints of others were getting me down, which in turn would lead me to complain.  NOT WHY I JOINED FACEBOOK! 

Here’s Sally Sassalot with the story on location at the corner of Suck It Up and Move On with more details…

BREAKING NEWS: The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Heck Over It. Any complaints about how we operate, can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-aaah with Dr. Sniffle Reporting LIVE from Quitchur Bitchin’. If you like this, spread the word. If you don’t…suck it up cupcake! Life doesn’t revolve around you!

 There you have it my friends… I don’t mean to offend anyone with any portion of this post as I’ve been onboard the pity train from time to time myself.  You have a choice to make… there are ALWAYS choices in life. If the choice you make can’t effect the outcome or change your course, give it to Someone that has the power to change things. Be the change.  Be thankful for what you have and who you have in your life.   

THANK you to whomever first posted this tidbit of breaking news on Facebook and to Mandy for sharing it with me.  It truly did brighten may day… Is that weird?  Perspective people, it’s all about perspective!  Did I wanna deal with a poor wittle fur ball in the parking lot yesterday?  NOPE.  Sometimes you just hafta SUCK IT UP and put on the hat for the duty that calls and step into someone elses shoes just to get yourself through the day.

I couldn’t be happier about the shoes I have to fill and the hats I have to wear on a daily basis.  From teacher to mom to nurse to clown, each hat is making me a better person. Each pair of shoes I fill, each challenge I’m presented with, is an opportunity for me to either sink or swim, deal or complain. Sucking it up…

That’s all she wrote folks…

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

***Check out Captain Obvious’s post about Facebook if you get a chance.

***I am truly convinced that if someone were to have videotaped us dealing with the bunny, I would be $10,000 richer from having won America’s Funniest Home Videos. 


What are some different shoes you’ve had to fill or hats you’ve had to wear?  Have you ever had to suck it up and do something you really didn’t want to do?


Aren’t they GREAT????

I mean who doesn’t love a hug?

Well I guess there are some people, somewhere in the world that aren’t too fond of hugs…

but this girl… LOVES hugs.

The best kind of hugs are the ones that take you by surprise or the ones from a long-lost friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while.

Hugs for happy times and excitement…for sad times and loss…

for anytime and all the time… hugs rank pretty high on my list.

There are different kinds of hugs too. Have you ever noticed?

In my experience… these are the hugs I have experienced.

The complete wrap around, with both arms around each other in a full embrace.
The halfer hug, one arm around each other with the other hand giving a quick pat on the back.
The guy/guy hug… come on, you know how it is.
The lingering hug, with one person holding on a bit too long.
The leg hug, when a little comes up and hugs your leg because that’s all the higher they can reach.
The running hug, where you’re so excited to see someone or they you and they run up and give you the best hug ever.
The pick up hug, where one party picks ya up a little and gives ya a squeeze.
The spinner hug where one party not only picks ya up and squeezes but also spins ya around…
The falling hug…usually starts out as a running, pick-up or spinner hug and ends with one or both falling down. (Read about an example of this type of hug in All Mixed Up.

You get my point…

Hugs from the 10-year-old nephew, B-Shane are loved, though coming to the age that huggin isn’t quite as cool as it once was.

Hugs from the kiddos at work when I walk into the room are pretty awesome too. The littles have a way of makin’ ya feel as if you’re a rock star when you walk into a room… it’s a pretty cool feeling, let me tell ya.

I headed to the after-school program today after putting in a day at the center and was greeted by more hugs. Hugs from former students, high-fives and hugs from new ones too. Hugs are kinda contagious, did you know?

Dropped my car off at the shop after my visits with the kiddos and headed to my best friend Jaime’s for dinner with her family; my second family. And after not having seen them for a while, I was amazed by how much M. Daniel had grown. The little guy and I have an interesting little relationship… see this little guy likes to tease me and used to pretend that he didn’t like me telling me, “No, no Meggie Faith. You go home.” ( At least I like to think he was pretending 😉 ) This kiddo truly cracks me up… Well it was apparent to me that while he also grew in inches, he’s grown up a bit more. There were no “go homes” uttered, just pleads to play mini golf while making dinner. He even showed me his picture he made for mummy while I sat with them for a minute when Jaim ran to the store. He surprised me by giving me a hug pretty much right away as we got back to his house. He let me pick him up and hold ’em too, instead of his usual, “No, no Meggie Faith.”

A good end to a hectic, hug filled day. At least in my book.

Are you a hugger?  What kind of hugger are you???

What ifs???

Maybe it’s because I knew just how much STUFF I have to accomplish in the next two weeks…

Maybe it’s because Sunday was my only “good” day of the weekend…

Maybe it’s because my brain NEVER shuts off…

I dunno.

Last night, I lay in bed wide awake. Physically exhausted.

Double checked, even triple checked my alarm clock to make sure it was set. 

Set out my clothes for the morning, which is something I never do.  When I did in the past, by morning I never quite felt like wearing what I had set out the night before.

Made my MUST-DO list for Monday.  (Still at work now trying to catch up and cross things off by the way!)

Made sure my planner was in my new tote 🙂

All my ducks were in a row still I lay there WIDE AWAKE!  That just drives me BoNkErS! 

Laying down to sleep and all of a sudden I wanna solve all the world’s problems: mine, friends, family, co-workers, students… You name it, I’m thinking about it!

Oddly enough, while laying there almost ready to start counting sheep in hopes of catching some zzz’s Shel Silverstein’s Poem, “Whatif” popped into my head. 

Isn’t that when the Whatifs set in?  When you finally begin to rest after running around all day, when you’re winding down, when you are downright exhausted.

Turning off the whatifs, because “whatif” is just another way of saying worry… and remember my  friends, I am not to worry for about a month still!

  Have a restful sleep my friends…

Hoping tonight the Whatifs stay away from me AND you!

Pink or Blue…



My family is over run with boys… and all things blue for that matter. 🙂

I’ve got 4 nephews with #5 on the way in July.

One lone niece.

Love ’em each all the same, BUT…





I’m itching to make more pink things!!!

Someday…. maybe 🙂 



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Untimely Tummy Troubles

No time is a  good time to get a terrible touch of tummy troubles….

BUT, I had high expectations and grand plans for my Friday and Saturday!!! 

Friday at work was to be most productive, finalizing field trips and decorating for spring/easter. 

After work Friday I was to dive right in to all things crafty as time is running out for me to prepare for the craft show on April 9th.

Saturday was to be dedicated to all things crafty as well… As I said. GRAND EXPECTATIONS.


Don’t worry, I will spare you all the gory details but the icks and the yucks decided to take over sometime Thursday night. Not fun at all!

Talk about throwing a curve ball in to my plans!  Went into work for a little bit Friday morning just until things were covered then home to the bed I went. 

Relaxing was outta the questions. Productivity was out the window.  Food wasn’t even a thought in my mind.




All day and night Friday and the better part of the day yesterday spent in bed.  I know at some point in my life I’ve said, “I’d do anything to say in bed all day.” 

Ya, not exactly how amazingly wonderful I dreamt it would be.  Maybe under different circumstances, I would have a different opinion.

I hereby retract the aforementioned statement about wanting to be able to spend all day in bed and vow to NEVER utter those words again. 🙂 

THERE, got that out of my system. 


By last night I was feeling ALMOST  completely human again…

I finally had a bit of an appetite, but didn’t dare eat anything more substantial than a piece of toast and sip on some Gatorade which was a huge step up from the last 2 days.

I will say I am feeling much better today… I feel human again. 

I  managed to be a bit productive in the crafty area… and I ate food!!! Food that didn’t consist of saltines, Gatorade and toast!  Well, sort of.

One of my most favorite, easy, all-time, go-to comfort foods was calling my name today for lunch.  Actually, it was just about the only thing that sounded appetizing to me in the least!

Grilled Cheese • Tomato Soup • Crystal Light Lemonade

It hit the spot for sure; being just want my hungry tummy was looking for!

Not a fancy recipe… didn’t take hours in the kitchen to prepare.

Buttered some bread; slapped on some american cheese…

Opened a can; stirred in some milk.


If any one would like the recipe just let me know…  All you have to do is ask! 😉 

To all my blogging friends and In-Person friends/family… You all are better in the kitchen than I. 

Your recipes sound AMAZING!

The pictures of your meals look DELECTABLE!

This girl?  Try as I may, just doesn’t do well in the kitchen.   

Certainly didn’t get the cooking genes in my family… Not sure which one of us did because my mom certainly has the ability!

Which reminds me… I still have to try another new recipe for March since my first one was a flop.  Better get to it!  Thinking of an easy guacamole recipe a friend suggested.  We shall see!


How was your weekend?  Anything throw a curveball your way recently?

BTW- I’m super excited…. I finally put up a post before the late, late hours of the night.  🙂

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens….

These are a few of my favorite things…..

Well, Ok…. Not really BUT….

 I wanted to share with you some of my MOST favorite things in the world!

The little things that make me, well ME!

Outside of the things you’ve learned through my writing… Not the ideas or thoughts I share… Not the songs that inspire topics for discussion… none of that.

The actual THINGS that bring me joy in my everyday life from hobbies to relaxation to at home comforts.  Let me clarify though; I am NOT a materialistic individual as those closest to me can attest to.  I love a good bargain when I find one and hold on to things way past their time.  I find joy in repurposing items.  I know that true happiness does not and cannot truly come from things.  Happiness does come from within and above.  BUT we all have comforts that help us to be the person we are.  The things that bring a smile to your face or warm your heart daily.

Welcome to my world…. Come on in… take a peek!

I love, LOVE, LoVe my middle name… Love the story behind it… Love the reminder it serves as each and every day…  LOVE surrounding myself with things bearing my middle name as well. 🙂 

I’m not necessarily a purse girl… I’m more of a tote bag kinda gal.  You’ll never see me spending big bucks on a Coach Purse… BUT, I have a certain weakness for Vera Bradley and basically all tote bags in general. I have more tote bags than a girl should be allowed to have.  Now I will say, MOST of my Vera bags were purchased in the sale section online.  Can’t pass up a good deal on a bag!  The other bag is brandy new to me 🙂  A parent of one of our students made it… Remember yesterday when I said Mandy and I spent forever in Joanns looking for fabric??? This bag would be why!  Super happy with how it turned out and VERY happy with the prints I chose!

I LOVE to read… Although lately I haven’t read much. I’ve read the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter Series at least 4 times each; pretty sure that qualifies me as a dork, but say what you will, doesn’t bother me much at all!  🙂  Super excited about the Blog Book Club I decided to join… April 1st we begin reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch which just so happens to be one of my absolute favorites as I detailed in A Book & it’s Influence!

I LoVe my crackle glass collection… My Aunt and Uncle were the first to introduce me to through their beautiful collection… My collection is quite small, but I love the bright colors and the distinct shapes of each piece.  The greens and blues are my favorites…

I don’t wear tons of jewelry.  I’m a silver, white gold and maybe someday platinum kinda gal.  These are my most favorite pieces that I wear pretty much everyday.  From the Pandora bracelet to the Silpada earrings to the coolest bangle bracelet made out of a spoon, each has its own special character that I find endearing.  Some pieces also have sentimental value as well.

My first set of real dishes!!!  Aren’t they PRETTY?!?!?!?  I’ve had sets of dishes before, but they were either odds and end, mix and match pieces or cheapo college dorm sets.  I have enough for 8 place settings too!  Now I just need to entertain more!

You all know about my love for making home decor… Here are 3 of my absolute most favorite areas in my home.  Each has at least one thing I made.  The quote in the middle piece is one of my favorites and sums up who I am as a whole pretty well… “The future is something we create.”

Reminders of loved ones that are no longer walking the Earth, but guide, guard and protect from above bring me comfort.  The Serenity prayer is something I say every morning… helping to affirm that somethings I can control and those I cannot should be offered to the One that can.   From the quilt my mom made from my step-dad’s clothes to the picture of my grandma in her younger years, I am reminded daily of their influence in my life and their continued presence in my heart always. 

My home wouldn’t be my home without my music… Just a small sampling of the artists who help me breathe, centering me and bringing me back to where I want and need to be.  From happy to sad to everything in between and more, I find music to be simply astoundingly amazing!

I haven’t always been one to wear make up.  I’ve gone through phases over the years in which I’ve not worn a single ounce of make-up to wearing almost nothing to doodling myself up everyday.  I have to admit, I love my make-up and I love the way make-up makes me feel.  You can change-up the color of your eye-shadow or eyeliner and feel like a completely new person.  Thanks to Mandy, I was introduced to Ulta and all that AMAZING store has to offer.  A girl could think she died and went to heaven upon entering Ulta.  Best to leave your wallet at home and enter with only $20! My MOST favorite product would be Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in SIN.  A coat of this on my eyelids BEFORE applying shadow and I am good to go ALL day.  No shadow in the creases at all!  Definitely my make-up must have 🙂 

I never realized just how much nail polish I had until Jessica, another of my besties, came for a visit from Washington State last year.  She’s the one who snapped this picture…. Paint my nails much?  ALL the time during the summer… When I’m being crafty, my nails are better left unpainted.

Ok… LAST “things”…. I promise! 

I have soooooooooo much crafty stuff… From papers to stamps to inks to die cutting machines to paint to punches to anything and everything else imaginable.  Finding decorative yet efficiently functional storage has been QUITE the challenge living in a one bedroom apartment.  But, I think I have utilized the space I have quite efficiently while still looking pretty.  🙂   These two pieces are my favorites… They were both bargain finds as well.  They are home to my Cricut and Sizzix, my ink pads, acrylic blocks, paper 8×8 and smaller, punches, scissors, pens, paper cutters and much, much more.  For me they work perfectly!!! 


So there you have it… My FAVORITE things.

 What are a few of your favorite things that make home, home and you, you?