My Releases…

Everyone needs a release…

Those simple things that help you relax after a hectic day…

Things that calm you… sometimes even becoming its own brand of therapy for you.

A fellow blogger recently shared a post titled “Comfort is…” prompting me to take a minute to appreciate the “things” that have become my go-to, ever-ready, “bring me back to reality”, saving graces. (Thanks Rick!)

It did not come as a surprise to me once I thought about it.  There are FOUR things that I simply love doing no matter the mood, situation or circumstance… Four things that allow me to immerse myself, releasing all that can get at ya in the best and worst of ways, getting lost in each respective experience, allowing me to breathe once again.

  1.  Writing– Hence starting the blog.  I began writing poetry in highschool…way back when I thought that my world was coming to an end because a silly boy crush I had didn’t feel the same about me.  It seemed to just come natural to me…write about it.  I’ve looked back at some pieces that I wrote those 19 years ago and admittedly have to chuckle a little bit.  Life has definitely taken some twists and turns for the better and worse since then, prompting more writing to occur.  I used to be so private about all that I wrote… not wanting to share any of it with ANYONE.  Somehow, somewhere, that changed.  I slowly began to show and share my written thoughts with those closest to me.  The first time I can recall sharing a deep piece of myself through writing with MANY people was when my grandma died in 2001.  I wrote a poem which was read at her funeral mass…it helped me more than I ever thought possible.  Since then, I have become more comfortable in my “craft.”  For me, it’s all about getting those thoughts, good, bad or indifferent, outta my head and down on paper.  Once my thoughts have been emptied on paper, I always feel better… I can think more clearly, feel more freely and react and respond more rationally.  i’m still kinda surprised I started a blog.  If anyone would have told me I’d be writing and sharing all these bits ‘n pieces with people I’ve never met, I would have told them they were crazy… In reality though, I couldn’t be more happy with the decision I made last June in starting this blog.  It’s been the best, most liberating, rewarding experience I can account for to date. 
  2. Reading– I’ve always been a “reader” but haven’t been partaking in this release quite as often as I should… Have to make time for it in the near future.  I was read to constantly as a child…The Berenstein Bears, Little Critter Books and every Golden Book imaginable were read to me over and over as a kiddo.  I LOVED all things Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary plus the Boxcar Children and the Babysitters Club.  Now a days I love James Patterson ( with the exception of the Maximum Ride series), Jodi Picoult, Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, the Twilight Saga, The Harry Potter Series and Jeffery Deaver to name a few.  The power of print is AMAZING to me… transporting you to another world or time away from the reality that consumes you on a daily basis.  In 32 years, I have read my fair share… and in that time there was one book that really hit me hard… I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Randy Pausch’s book, The Last Lecture, left me rethinking and analyzing my life in every aspect imaginable, in the best way possible.  If you have not read the book or viewed his last lecture, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so.  Below is a reprise of his Last Lecture…
  3. Music– This should come as no surprise to most of you… For as long as I can remember music has been an important part of my life.  From growing up listening to my mom’s records playing, to my Aunt Sue playing the guitar and singing Puff the Magic Dragon, to road trips with the boombox and audio cassettes in the back seat of the car, to purchasing my first cd, to my “QUEEN” band dork days to now.  Playing music, listening to music, seeing live shows and discovering new music have all played an integral role in shaping me into the individual I am today.  A song can take you back to a special place and time…remind you of a certain someone… calm the most ravenous of storms…heal wounds or open them…send you into a silly, happy dance, singing so obscenely loud that others just look at you perplexed.  For me, music has played such a significant role in my life, that I honestly couldn’t imagine living without it.  I love that music spans generations creating bonds and ties with listeners of all ages and races…good music is timeless and has the power to transform me…I am so thankful for the gift of hearing…so very thankful. 
  4. Craftiness- This is an aspect I have not yet shared with my blogging friends.  I love being crafty… working with my hands, utilizing print, coordinating colors…. Ahhhhh, ya… that’s the good stuff.  I guess the best way to describe what I do is kinda like scrapbooking in a frame… Really though, I call my projects “Framed Home-Decor Designs.” 

    In my dining room...

 Seeing one would probably help… I started off making them quite a few years ago and have evolved

quite a bit.  For the longest time I only gave them as gifts to family and friends; Many of whom could open up their own “Megan Faith” gallery after having received so many as gifts over the years. 🙂  Don’t think any of them mind, I hope not at least!  In the fall I took a huge step and participated in my first ever craft show and was very pleasantly surprised by how well it went.  It could have something to do with the fact that I have the best family and friends in the world and they ALL came out and supported me, making a purchase or two.  I hesitated to begin selling my creations because I didn’t want this amazingly rewarding release to turn into something that became a “job” to me. So far so good… It’s fun for me and I want to keep it that way.  It helps me to share even more pieces of myself with those I love while also giving pieces to people outside of my circle. 

I spent this entire rainy day preparing for my next show which will be here in a few short weeks… Does that stress me out?  It does for a minute, until I sit down and submerge myself into my crafty haze.  It’s all good.  My little piece of heaven 🙂 Here’s a couple of my newest creations for the Spring Craft show.

Baby Girl

Pass * Dribble

The important stuff... Family


So there you have it… What I thought would be a short and quick post has turned into quite a lengthy one… THANK you for reading! 

What are your releases?  What keeps you sane amidst all the craziness of life?

8 thoughts on “My Releases…

  1. Great post Megan. I love to write, read, enjoy music but my craftiness is rather limited. You do beautiful work and I applaud you! I love this post and agree that we do need to remember why we are grateful. 🙂

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