Beautiful Day…

Yep, I said it.  It was a beautiful day…

Rain was pouring down pretty much the entire day.

Wind was blowing and the temperatures were definitely on the chilly side.

Still, it was a beautiful day.

Work was absolutely, wonderfully productive today even though the kiddos were on the “noisy” side.  I think they, just as most of us, are bursting at the seams to get outside and release those winter wiggles they’ve pent-up all season long.

I felt more rested today and didn’t feel under the weather as I did yesterday which could be attributed to hitting the sack on the early side last night… or it could have been the new supplement I started taking this week… The verdict is still out on that!  But if taking a little bit of Bliss helps me out in the day-to-day, I’ll take it!

After work I ran here and there picking up some things for the craft show.  Was SUPER excited to find AMAZING deals on some frames for the craft show!  They are soooooooo pretty and were really reasonably priced which made them even prettier to me 🙂 

What do you think???  

I am personally drawn to black frames... I have 28, yes 28 hanging on my walls or sitting on a shelf in my apartment... I think I have a little bit of a problem! 😛

Love this one…kinda antiquey 😉
***CLEARANCE*** I just love seeing those red clearance stickers 🙂
I think I bought all that I’ll need for the craft show… Now I just have to get to crafting!!!
After running errands, stopping home only shortly to grab a bite to eat, I headed to church.
Today the Lenten season began…leading to the question of what to give up…
Over the years I have attempted to give up sweets, pop, smoking, fast food, so on and so forth…This year I wanted to do something different.
So as I sat here last night, cuddled up in bed thinking, pondering, wondering what to do…
 I settled upon something that I’d never done before… choosing something that for me is probably going to be the most difficult “sacrifice” I can make. 

Giving up my worries.

 Giving them up as most are not in my control.  Worries of the past; worries of my present days and the worries I bear for my future. 
 Giving them up into the hands of the One that can answer my worries.  The One that will take my worries in His care…in His time. 
 That’s the most difficult part to remember…

Not in my time; in His time.

In the long run though, this choice will make me a better person.  If I hold true to it and follow through, my life can and will change. 
As I have shared before, worrying is a HUGE part of the person I am… at times letting it define me and consume me. 
That is why… you may think it’s a cop-out or not a true sacrifice… For me I know that it is a necessary decision to be made… again, probably the hardest thing I could choose to go without for the next 46 days.  WHo knows, maybe it will continue further past the 46 days…
Today was a beautiful day.  I decided to make a choice… a choice that will better myself in the long run.  A choice that will hopefully bring me peace in coming days.
It is a beautiful day.  I hope your day was beautiful too 🙂
Did you give anything up for Lent?  What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever had to make in your life?

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Day…

  1. Just a heads up… I am having some troubles with editing this post… I keep getting an error message saying that I don’t have the ability or permission to post anything….. Ideas or suggestions? hang in there with me people until I get it figured out!

  2. There were some issues yesterday… Do you get WordPress News..? very informative and good to subscribe to. Apparently some nasty types were trying to shut the site down but all is well now. I like the antique frame but all are lovely.

    • No I don’t Eliz… I’ll have to check into getting it. I contacted WP support and they contacted me today saying that I received that message in error and they removed the restrictions from my account. All is taken care of now!

  3. Wow! Phenomenal post. I feel sorta shallow now by giving up just candy. But here’s the good part, I am gonna pray each time I get a craving.

    • Thanks! I just think it’s great to give somethin up… no matter the degree or significance. For me though, I think I’d be more likely to succeed with letting go of my worries than with chocolate!!! 🙂 God’s grace will get you through the cravings… Faith will take care of my worries!

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