Archive | March 14, 2011

Working in Comfort…

Just clocked in a LONG day…

Everyone has to do it now and again, including me.

This time of year proves to be one of the busiest by far…

Progress Reports, Annual DPW Inspection, Enrollment for Summer and Fall programs, and Graduation preparations for this school year all going on in this fabulous month of March.

Early in the day I decided that I’d bring work home with me. Nothing sounded better to me than to work in the comforts of my apartment, snuggled up on the couch in my comfy clothes, listening to some tunes while proofreading the progress reports my wonderful staff worked so diligently to complete.  The perfect plan in my head excepting that I’d probably be distracted with the laundry that needs done or perhaps the crafty stuff laying all about the floor of my living room yelling out, “Finish me! Finish me!”

At some point later in the day, say around 4:00 I pondered the thought of NOT going home to work and just staying at the office late. The benefits of staying late would be that I’d just keep on keepin’ on with my day and hopefully not get home too late.  The only problems were 1. ) I was wearing dress clothes and 2.) I’d need to eat dinner.  BIG problems if you know me at all.  I LOVE my comfy clothes and am none to happy when I’m hungry.


I came to a compromise with myself… 

Here’s what I decided upon.

1.)  Called and ordered dinner for myself.

2.) Ran home to change into my comfy clothes consisting of the comfy-est pair of Pitt*** sweatpants I’ve ever owned, a black tank top, grey hoodie and my most favorite pair of grey flip-flops.

So many flip-flops to choose from, but these are my go-to, never-fail favorites!

I also decided to grab some ibuprofen to ward off a stubborn sinus headache that just won’t get off my back.

3.) Picked up my food and returned to the office.

A special treat for this girl! Nothing better than Grande's Pizza and Coca-Cola!

I’ve really truly been trying to eat healthier… but on a night like tonight I decided to treat myself with some of the BEST pizza around.  Extremely thin crust, the most AMAZING blend of cheese and just a little bit of sauce.  Throw in a bottle of coke and I am in my own little piece of heaven… I haven’t had coke in a little while.  I’ve been staying away from all things caffeinated and carbonated in an effort to stave off those pesky kidney stones that decide to bless me with their presence every so often. (Now, I sit at home chugging water in an attempt to counteract the missteps I took a few hours ago.)  It was worth it for those scrumptious moments though.

Working in comfort...

Add in to the mix my comfy clothes and the fact that I had my station, “Muse and the Like” playing in the background.  I was SET for an evening of working in comfort.

I would say it wa absolutely productive.  No interruptions of kids crying, or telephones ringing  or questions to be answered.  Just me, my comfort food, my comfort clothes and my comfort tunes left alone in the comfort of my office.  Best decision I made all day!

Did I get EVERYTHING done I needed to?  Nope.  I made it a good way through a couple of things off of one of my to-do lists.  I got a good chunk of the progress reports proofread.

Guess what!  Tomorrow is a brand new day!  Hoping to get a much more restful sleep tonight than I did last night.  DST messed with me more than I thought it would.  Though I shan’t complain about it too much as I much rather prefer it being daylight until 8:00. But hey, that’s just me!

What are your comfort items?  Did DST affect you in any way today?

***Disclaimer*** I don’t claim to be a Pitt Panthers fan or a Nittany Lions fan… I don’t take sides when it comes to those debates.  Not much of a college ball fan.  Could be something to do with the fact that I went to Edinboro.  Football/men’s basketball weren’t very good.  Women’s basketball and wrestling were big, but I didn’t follow ’em.  Just thought I’d clarify as I know many in my family take sides either blue/gold or blue/white.  I’ll be Switzerland 🙂