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“More Than Words” by Extreme – Thursday Throwback

Band: Extreme

Song: More Than Words

The Memory:

Several memories come to mind when I hear this song.

1.) 1992, in 8th grade this song was huge! Everyone knew it & loved it. Had never heard of the band Extreme before… can’t say I listened to any other songs by them back then either. Most distinct recollection of that song was all of my classmates & myself hanging out on the porch at someone’s house for their birthday. That song came on and EVERYONE started singing it.  I mean EVERYONE.  It was corny… it was cheesy… it is a memory.

2.) My younger sister & I went to visit our Aunt & Uncle in Northern Pennsylvania for a week during the summer of that same year. They live in the cut… to them everything was “just down the road” even if it was 25-45 minutes down the mountain.  We LOVED spending time out there. Lil sis & I took a ride with uncle just down the road to get ice cream, when what song should start playing on the radio but More Than Words. I of course said how much I liked the song; my uncle was in total agreement which we both found really cool since decades separated us in age; lil sis says, “What is this hippie music?” Uncle & I just laughed.

***side note*** lil sis & I are 3 years apart. We are sooo different in every way imaginable.   Different taste in music ( she thinks a lot of mine is hippie music still to this day while I listen to a lot of the same stuff she does too!) , clothing, attitudes,  appearance,  etc. Wouldn’t have it any other way!  She’s her own person as am I… I wish I had  a little more of her in me though!

More Than Words remains one of my favorite songs till the day… holding a top spot in my playlists.

What song do you love that others may not?


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