“More Than Words” by Extreme – Thursday Throwback

Band: Extreme

Song: More Than Words

The Memory:

Several memories come to mind when I hear this song.

1.) 1992, in 8th grade this song was huge! Everyone knew it & loved it. Had never heard of the band Extreme before… can’t say I listened to any other songs by them back then either. Most distinct recollection of that song was all of my classmates & myself hanging out on the porch at someone’s house for their birthday. That song came on and EVERYONE started singing it.  I mean EVERYONE.  It was corny… it was cheesy… it is a memory.

2.) My younger sister & I went to visit our Aunt & Uncle in Northern Pennsylvania for a week during the summer of that same year. They live in the cut… to them everything was “just down the road” even if it was 25-45 minutes down the mountain.  We LOVED spending time out there. Lil sis & I took a ride with uncle just down the road to get ice cream, when what song should start playing on the radio but More Than Words. I of course said how much I liked the song; my uncle was in total agreement which we both found really cool since decades separated us in age; lil sis says, “What is this hippie music?” Uncle & I just laughed.

***side note*** lil sis & I are 3 years apart. We are sooo different in every way imaginable.   Different taste in music ( she thinks a lot of mine is hippie music still to this day while I listen to a lot of the same stuff she does too!) , clothing, attitudes,  appearance,  etc. Wouldn’t have it any other way!  She’s her own person as am I… I wish I had  a little more of her in me though!

More Than Words remains one of my favorite songs till the day… holding a top spot in my playlists.

What song do you love that others may not?


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12 thoughts on ““More Than Words” by Extreme – Thursday Throwback

  1. i love this song. im only just starting to listen to it again, my first boyfriend used to play it on the guitar and i used to do the clonk clonk bit. lol. and into the night is one of my all time favourites too! my song that reminds me of my childhood is sultans of swing by dire straits; my dad is a huge fan. i just love it. off to listen to all three!

  2. Oh, what a sweet post. I LOVE the kindergarden story–wouldn’t it be great if ALL of us did that the last hour of every Friday? Talk about laughter and energy!
    And, BOUNTIFUL CONGRATS on getting back out there and walking/running. And you’re still in pretty good shape–that far, for that long, after a three year absence? Know that is amazing.

    • It really was so much fun! Wish I was still able to do it…actually it should be mandatory in the workplace. 😉

      Thanks for your kind words… it was tough getting back out there! Actually, today was much more difficult … but nonetheless, I did it!

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