Pink or Blue…



My family is over run with boys… and all things blue for that matter. 🙂

I’ve got 4 nephews with #5 on the way in July.

One lone niece.

Love ’em each all the same, BUT…





I’m itching to make more pink things!!!

Someday…. maybe 🙂 



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14 thoughts on “Pink or Blue…

  1. I recently adopted a “uniform” for work and I was trying to mix professionalism with a need to have something static in my life. I could have gone with pink, but I felt like it would wash my face out. I could have gone with blue, but it’s hard to match with the blue in the eyes. So i chose a white shirt and black pants, with a differing tie each day. Flamingo one day. Sky with clouds another. It works well. Great balance.

    Thanks for the kind award, I appreciate it. I’m glad there are some people out there that like reading my daily meanderings.


    • Sounds like you covered all your bases D! It’s all about balance, in every regard! You are very welcome…I do enjoy your “daily meanderings.” Thanks for stopping by buddy! -Meg

    • Good thing blue is one of my favorite colors!!! 😉

      You’re very welcome…it’s fun spreading the love around to other people’s blogs. I love hearing what others have to say! And thanks to you for returning the favor!

    • Cross those fingers so the poor kid doesn’t have any identity issues later in life! 😉 Wee little ones don’t know the difference for a while anyway! Shhhh! I won’t tell 😀

    • Oh that’s awesome! I don’t have a chance of that happening. Unless someday if i marry, the fellas side evens the playing field! 😉 Don’t get me wrong though…. I am happy to have the ones I do…blue & all!

  2. You are SO talented!!! When I get pregnant someday, I just might order something from you, okay? 🙂 I love how adorably cute your framed creations are!!

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