What ifs???

Maybe it’s because I knew just how much STUFF I have to accomplish in the next two weeks…

Maybe it’s because Sunday was my only “good” day of the weekend…

Maybe it’s because my brain NEVER shuts off…

I dunno.

Last night, I lay in bed wide awake. Physically exhausted.

Double checked, even triple checked my alarm clock to make sure it was set. 

Set out my clothes for the morning, which is something I never do.  When I did in the past, by morning I never quite felt like wearing what I had set out the night before.

Made my MUST-DO list for Monday.  (Still at work now trying to catch up and cross things off by the way!)

Made sure my planner was in my new tote 🙂

All my ducks were in a row still I lay there WIDE AWAKE!  That just drives me BoNkErS! 

Laying down to sleep and all of a sudden I wanna solve all the world’s problems: mine, friends, family, co-workers, students… You name it, I’m thinking about it!

Oddly enough, while laying there almost ready to start counting sheep in hopes of catching some zzz’s Shel Silverstein’s Poem, “Whatif” popped into my head. 

Isn’t that when the Whatifs set in?  When you finally begin to rest after running around all day, when you’re winding down, when you are downright exhausted.

Turning off the whatifs, because “whatif” is just another way of saying worry… and remember my  friends, I am not to worry for about a month still!

  Have a restful sleep my friends…

Hoping tonight the Whatifs stay away from me AND you!

22 thoughts on “What ifs???

  1. Ok, that’s been my 2011, that’s not a good sign is it? And I love Shel Silverstein, and the whatifs is one of my favorites. What if no one buys me peaches or pears plays a lot in my head. I swear it’s sung by two monkeys in coconut bras playing the bongos (it’s been said that I have an active imagination). Man I need a good nights sleep.

    • Actually strike that, it’s nobody picks me peaches or pears, from Nobody. Curse you coconut bra wearing bongo playing monkeys!!!!! I still remember the whatifs too, and go through them it seems every night, my thoughts just can’t seem to rest lately.

      • Thanks Megan, I hope so too. I need to shake those whatifs ASAP. Shel Silverstein was so cool, even in our thirties he still speaks to us. I think even into the forties and fifties he will too…way till our nineties, God willing.

      • D… I think I may write the whatifs down sometime just to get ’em outta my head and see if that works! Worth a shot maybe 🙂 And Shel all the way through the 90s sounds about right to me… I proudly have his books displayed on the bookcase in my living room 😀

  2. God I hate that, clock watching wanting to scream to yourself just sleep you idiot!! I hope you got some sleep last night!

    • Last night was rough too! Ughhh… awful! Tonight though, I feel will be my whatif free night. The sleepy eyes are making their appearance as I type… better go with it and get to bed. Hope you’ve had whatif free nights 🙂

  3. Oh yes – I know those whatifs only too well. Damn things haunt, don’t they?

    I’m hoping for a whatif free night tonight, but I’m still awake, si I’m guessing it could be a while.

    • They sure do! Turns out they didn’t spend a long enough time visiting me Sunday night and made a return visit last night. Tonight though I should be in the clear because I’m so completely exhausted from lack of sleep due to the whatifs two nights in a row!

      Hope that if last night ended up not being whatif free for you that tonight will be your night!!!

    • Ahhh! That has to be even more frustrating know that Christopher is sound asleep already! One bonus of not having a mister I suppose…yay for me 😉 kidding of course.

  4. I’m the same way! I hate those what if’s! And so many times I’ve gotten up and made lists and then hopped back in bed thinking it would help…all I do is think about how I am going to accomplish the tasks on the list!

    • The worst! I do the same thing!!! Hoping that making the list will empty everything outta the brain, but you’re right… the list then is all you think about. Can’t win!!!

    • Awful aren’t they??? What are you going to do though… happens to the best of us from time to time. Just happens a bit more frequently to some (this girl 😉 )!

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