Aren’t they GREAT????

I mean who doesn’t love a hug?

Well I guess there are some people, somewhere in the world that aren’t too fond of hugs…

but this girl… LOVES hugs.

The best kind of hugs are the ones that take you by surprise or the ones from a long-lost friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while.

Hugs for happy times and excitement…for sad times and loss…

for anytime and all the time… hugs rank pretty high on my list.

There are different kinds of hugs too. Have you ever noticed?

In my experience… these are the hugs I have experienced.

The complete wrap around, with both arms around each other in a full embrace.
The halfer hug, one arm around each other with the other hand giving a quick pat on the back.
The guy/guy hug… come on, you know how it is.
The lingering hug, with one person holding on a bit too long.
The leg hug, when a little comes up and hugs your leg because that’s all the higher they can reach.
The running hug, where you’re so excited to see someone or they you and they run up and give you the best hug ever.
The pick up hug, where one party picks ya up a little and gives ya a squeeze.
The spinner hug where one party not only picks ya up and squeezes but also spins ya around…
The falling hug…usually starts out as a running, pick-up or spinner hug and ends with one or both falling down. (Read about an example of this type of hug in All Mixed Up.

You get my point…

Hugs from the 10-year-old nephew, B-Shane are loved, though coming to the age that huggin isn’t quite as cool as it once was.

Hugs from the kiddos at work when I walk into the room are pretty awesome too. The littles have a way of makin’ ya feel as if you’re a rock star when you walk into a room… it’s a pretty cool feeling, let me tell ya.

I headed to the after-school program today after putting in a day at the center and was greeted by more hugs. Hugs from former students, high-fives and hugs from new ones too. Hugs are kinda contagious, did you know?

Dropped my car off at the shop after my visits with the kiddos and headed to my best friend Jaime’s for dinner with her family; my second family. And after not having seen them for a while, I was amazed by how much M. Daniel had grown. The little guy and I have an interesting little relationship… see this little guy likes to tease me and used to pretend that he didn’t like me telling me, “No, no Meggie Faith. You go home.” ( At least I like to think he was pretending 😉 ) This kiddo truly cracks me up… Well it was apparent to me that while he also grew in inches, he’s grown up a bit more. There were no “go homes” uttered, just pleads to play mini golf while making dinner. He even showed me his picture he made for mummy while I sat with them for a minute when Jaim ran to the store. He surprised me by giving me a hug pretty much right away as we got back to his house. He let me pick him up and hold ’em too, instead of his usual, “No, no Meggie Faith.”

A good end to a hectic, hug filled day. At least in my book.

Are you a hugger?  What kind of hugger are you???

15 thoughts on “Hugs

  1. I love hugs too. But there have been a few that have gone awry, like the creepy ones that make you feel like you need a shower after. Oh no to those hugs. But hugs from wee ones make you feel all happy inside. Hugs from loved ones are awesome. I think there is a healing quality to touch. 🙂

    • Awww, Thanks Vicky! Sending one right back your way too! And so have to agree with ya about the being single and no snuggling. Everyone needs a snuggle now and again 😀

  2. Hugs are definitely healing… Have you heard of Amma, the hugging saint from India? Her hug is like a divine blanket draped around your body… We could all use a hug lately. 🙂

    • Absolutely… hugs have helped through some VERY difficult times. I have not heard of Amma… will definitely look into more infor about her though! Thanks for sharing Eliz… Hugs to you 🙂

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