~**~ HaPpY BiRtHdAy ~**~

Today is an awesomely special day…. 

NO, not because it’s Friday.  Well, yes. Okay, that does make it an awesomely special day.

So correction, today is an awesomely phenomenal, special day. 

An awesomely, phenomenal special day because I’m celebrating a birthday!!! 

I love, love, love birthdays… Love giving gifts.  Don’t mind getting gifts. I love cake, cupcakes, ice cream for sure… heck even throw in balloons and flowers galore!

 But this birthday? This one’s different.  It’s HUGE.  It’s a milestone.  It’s one I never thought I’d see!

For years I thought about it and dreamt of it… twirled my hair and slept on it.

I just didn’t think it was in the cards for me… Didn’t think it a possibility. 

Have you guessed it? …………………. Nah, I’m thinking not.   

~**~ It’s my car’s FIRST BIRTHDAY ~**~

Mmmmmm. Cake.

Yep, I purchased my very first,  brand new car a year ago today…

Hard to believe it’s been a year already.  At the time, I was NOT ready to buy a car.  I knew it would have to happen at some point within the year because my Cavalier was on its last leg, but purchasing a car was not in my immediate plans.

That was at least until March 24th of last year when I was in a pretty bad car accident, totaling my precious Cavalier.  I was very fortunate to only come out with TONS of bumps and bruises and one tiny cut on my face;  most of my injuries occurred from my seat belt, the air bag and my driver’s side door.   The whole thing is kind of a blur; it didn’t happen in slow motion as you often hear.  Had it been more serious, seconds COULD have changed me forever… COULD have changed my family forever. BUT, I know for a fact that Someone was watching out for me that day. 

After “refusing” medical attention, I stood there staring at my car and just couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was just stunned.  You know the term rubber necking?  You know, the train wreck you pass by and just can’t help but  look at it.  Lots of  passers-by participated. 

I haven’t looked at the pictures of my car but twice since it happened.  As a matter of fact, my mom refused to look at them at all.  If you are curious, you can take a peek here and here.  I don’t wanna put them up, in case family and friends DON’T wanna see ’em so this way the choice is up to you.  Ughhh. Still gives me the chills looking at them a year later. 

A co-worker was in the car behind me and thankfully was not involved in the mess.  She was the rock I needed until Mandy, one of my best friends arrived to pick me up.  She took me home where I tried to collect myself and make the calls I needed.  I crawled into bed and just slept a bit of the day away to be awoken by Jaime, another best friend and her kiddos bringing flowers over.  So many of those closest to me were at my side in the week following… from mom running me to Med Express and the Emergency Room for x-rays and medication to Jaime and Mandy helping with getting my rental situated and going to the junk yard to clean out my poor wrecked baby to dad taking me on my first look at possible new cars to Corey, Jaime’s husband and my friend, going with me to purchase my new car. I was shown just how many worried about me, cared for me and loved me.  I’ve always known I’ve had it, but was blown away by the support I received from co-workers, family, friends and acquaintances… heck, even ex-boyfriends crawled outta the wood work to share well wishes and offer help.

I will be honest, I avoid driving past that intersection at all costs, letting anxiety get the best of me.  I believe I’ve only driven past a handful of times in the last year; paint marking the guard rail a reminder of how lucky I am and how much worse it COULD have been.

So instead of focusing on what happened a year ago in March; today I’m celebrating my new car’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! 

A year full of car payments under my belt… Wooo Hooo!

She even got her one year well check this week and came out with a clean bill of health for Inspection and Emissions; only needing routine maintenance and a new set of wiper blades.  That’s a great birthday gift in my book!

My first car in a color other than red… My first tank in the snow… My new baby 🙂 

My Baby... So pretty 🙂

Isn’t she pretty???? 

~**~ Happy First Birthday ~**~

She does need a good washing though… As soon as the weather breaks, she’ll get all “dolled” up 😉 

Does your car have a nickname? 

 I usually do name my cars… but I haven’t thought of one that suits her, er me, yet. 

Suggestions and ideas are now being taken!


13 thoughts on “~**~ HaPpY BiRtHdAy ~**~

    • Sassy has actually crossed my mind! The only 2 I’ve thought of were Sassy and Black Beauty…. Hmmm. We may have a winner; we shall see! 🙂

    • My other cars names were Betsy and Ladybug/roller skate. My sister named a car that we both drove, Matilda. You’re so right! Cars generally do always ened up being a girl! Wonder why that is? Funny!

  1. We are twins!! I brought my first new car just over a year ago, mines a ford fiesta. Before that I had an old ford called Betty, this one doesn’t fit a name do well, sometimes I think she’s Lola. Sorry to hear about the accident, you were v lucky!! Happy car b’day chick 🙂

    • WOW! We really do have soo much in common! Happy a little over a year brithday to your car too! 😀 I like Lola, sounds like a good name for a car. And thanks chica!

  2. Congratulations on your first year of payments completed and a happy birthday to your 4 wheeler. Amazing and be blessed for surviving that crash… You have lots to look forward to in your life. 🙂

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