In Case You Were Wondering….

Where I might be… 

I haven’t gone missing…

I’m alive and breathing; safe and sound…

A productive two days in my apartment’s where I can be found.

Crafting Tunes…

Tunes will be playing… hopefully my phone won’t be ringing.

And if you dare come a knockin’ don’t be alarmed at the sight you’ll see.  

 My hair tied in a messy knot; not a stitch of make-up to be seen; comfty craftin’ clothes are all I’ll need.

Colors, colors, everywhere…

Paper will be flying… ink will be up to my elbows… acrylic stamps will be strewn about.

Crafty must-haves

color coordinating; adhesive rolling; paper-cutter sliding…

Some finished products…

Cleaning, organizing, pricing and packing…

Frames, frames and hopefully more frames 🙂


Tying up loose ends and crossing fingers for the best…


The Craft Show is on SATURDAY…

…. and then I can rest!

I’ll still be reading and commenting, but my ranting and rambling are gonna take a break for a few… You know full well I won’t be able to stay away too long! 

Stay tuned for pictures over the next couple of days. 🙂


18 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering….

    • I may just go through withdrawal from not posting! 😉 Might just have to throw up a couple pictures, just to get my “fix” in! he he he 🙂 See you soon lady!

  1. Yikes craft shows can be hit or miss, I hope it’s a hit for you love. I’m keeping good thoughts for you. I can’t wait for your Etsy shop to be up. Best luck 🙂

    • Thanks D… The one I did in December was my first and it was a HUGE success, doing way better than I ever anticipated. Hoping to start on the Etsy shop after the craft show depending on how much I have left and how quickly I can make more stufff, that is! 😀

      • Christmas is a good time to sell. My best advice, although it may be unsolicited, is to start small. Start with a small inventory, and make limited investments. It can take a while to gather business and you can tell what is selling and which direction you should go. Also you have the option to take custom orders and then set your schedule.

    • Thanks V! I really appreciate it 😀 Music from Glee definitely cheers me up!!! I’ll be emailing you soon too; I promise. Once I get unpacked and settled in on Saturday, I’ll be in touch!

  2. Hi. Just found ya through Redneck Princess. Love your blog and will follow ya! Wish I were good at arts and crafts! Think I took to the musically inclined instead. Can’t waite to see pics! Good luck Saturday!!

    • I definitely got some goodies! Milk chocolate covered pretzels, drizzled in white chocolate and a S’more. My favorite find was a button bracelet… sooooooo cute!

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