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“Scarlet Begonias” by The Grateful Dead-Thursday Throwback

Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel

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Artist: The Grateful Dead

Album: Mars Hotel

Song: Scarlet Begonias


At times I seriously think I was born in the wrong decade…. 

Many of my favorite artists were in their heydays well before I was born or when I was a bit too young to partake in catching them in a live performance.  Even still, music has the ability to transcend generations and decades still proving to be relevant to listeners of today and still more to come years down the road. 

While I didn’t grow up listening to The Dead as I did the Beatles, Journey, and the like; one of my best friends in elementary school got me to listening at a pretty young age…12 or 13 years old, maybe.  I pretty much immediately fell in love with their eclectic and unique stylings and arrangements; becoming enthralled by the drawn out jams held on various bootleg recordings. 

I had one missed opportunity to see the band perform before Jerry Garcia passed away, when I was about 14 or so.  Probably thinking it was a very WISE decision on my mother’s part for saying “no” to me going to that concert; not necessarily the best surroundings for the naive 14-year-old I was if you know what I mean.  Up until that point the only other concert I had attended (and twice I might add) was the New Kids on the Block…  Quite a bit different from the Dead, wouldn’t you say?  But you see, even in my younger days, I had a wide range in musical tastes.

My Grateful Dead musical library slow grew over the years from more popular tunes such as Casey Jones, Truckin’  and Touch of Grey to songs like Sugar Magnolias and Fire on the Mountain and further still to my most favorite Grateful Dead songs of all time which include but are not limited to……

  1. Ripple– Reminds me of driving down the mountain from my aunt’s house to campus during the summer of 1999
  2. Box of Rain– Just an awesome up beat song; not to mention an awesome smelling incense and body oil sold at Earthshine in Edinboro, PA
  3. Althea– The intro to this awesome…. Just a kick back, chill, dig that I simply never tire of.
  4. Attics of My Life– the harmonies in this song are BeAuTiFuL!!!
  5. Ramble on Rose – Classic Dead
  6. Unbroken Chain-Absolutely stunningly, awesome song… Catchy as can be, and sticks in my head for days after listening
  7. Built to Last– GREAT lyrics; really hits home with me… Chorus, is the best
  8. Estimated Prophet– HAPPY song ( for me at least) it’s got a sweet vibe
  9. Dark Star– beautifully arranged jam

And my all time favorite….

10.) Scarlet Begonias-  I’ve got lots of memories of this song; from blasting it in my car and in my dorm room to chilling with friends.  Lots of people have done covers of this song too…

From to Taylor Hicks….

to Jimmy Buffet….

to Sublime….

some were pretty good, but for me none is better than the Dead’s version…

 I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a Deadhead persay;   as I was a good little girl, it didn’t stop me from enjoying their music every second I get… many have a negatively perceived imaged attached as to what one is, but me….  I simply enjoy the music; I love the chill vibe I get from it; I love the arrangements… Quite simply I just LOVE the Grateful Dead, end of story! 

What are your thoughts?  …

Seriously, I was born a decade or two late… Just sayin’!