Packed and Ready To Go…

Frames are all priced & boxed up… a potentially daunting task if it weren’t for the help of my dear,  sweet cousin Sue.

All packed up and ready to go in the morning....

Table coverings are ironed…

Car will be loaded in the morning to head out & set up @ 8:00AM with the help of another fabulous cousin,  Marci & best friend Jaime.

Curtain opens at 10 AM. I’m a wee bit nervous and excited!  🙂 

Tomorrows show is the first step to completing my goal of participating in 3 craft shows in one year (on the list).  Plus I am hoping to open an ETSY shop to sell my goodies online in the very near future.  Gonna be a busy year!

So now there’s nothing left to do but go over my list & check it twice…

And, some much-needed relaxation & pampering !

First up a HOT bath with tunes,  followed by routine eyebrow maintenance & concluding with a home mani/pedi.

Haven’t painted my nails in a while since craftiness doesn’t keep friends with manicured nails.

My FAVORITE OPI nail polish 🙂


Looking forward to seeing how tomorrow goes & then get my grips on normalcy!  Huh? What’s that????

Tomorrow … I’m baaaaaaaack!

Until then my friends … thanks for sticking with during the last few sub-par posts.

10 thoughts on “Packed and Ready To Go…

  1. I think it’s nice to see your status updates. I hope everything goes fabulous and you clean house Love. I know, it’s terrible that crafts don’t play well with manicures.

    • Thanks D! Glad you liked ’em, Didn’t go as fabulously as I’d have liked, but there’s always next time. People just didn’t show up today!

      • Usually it seems like there is one day where there’s a rush and the next day may be slow or vice versa. And since it’s April people may not feel like shopping, during the holidays are a good time.

        • This one a one day affair; other vendors said the Spring show is usually a bit more slow than the Chirstmas show but that today’s attendance was exceptionally low. Already planning on a new one in June, another in October and again In December. Gonna be busy!

          • Oh June is good, that’s wedding time, your creations make lovely wedding gifts. Maybe albums, or wedding favors? I’m holding out for you.

            • D, funny; we’re on the same page dear! I’m actually working on favors for a bridal party right now… different than my frames though; Hand-painted, wooden boxes as requested by one of my neighbors. As for making albums, I’ve done them in the past, but selling them isn’t really profitable. They’d be $100 or more if I sold them to make a profit because they require so many supplies and are extremely time consuming. I prefer to make the allbums as gifts for weddings and baby showers for friends and family!

              • I know what you mean, it’s so expensive time and cost wise and it’s people don’t want to pay the price it’s worth. I hear ya girl, I hear ya.

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