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1st 5 songs on my HAPPY playlist

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Well, I am afraid to say it, but I believe the time has come to replace my iPod with a newer updated version….

The freezing of the screen, the toggle wheel not always working, having to restore it several times a week… they’ve all taken their toll. 

It’s been very well-loved for the last 5 years… many playlists added; synched and re-synched more times than I could count.

My Nike+ sensor up and fizzled out on me as well…

So I’ve been wearing my armband 

My running companion...

with the nano and carrying my phone while running so I can listen to my tunes and still record my runs.  Not completely tragic, but I must admit it’s a bit of an annoyance…especially since I’ve dropped my new phone more times in the last two weeks than I did in two years with my old phone.     I can chalk it up to klutziness, but I’d rather pass the blame on to something else. 🙂

Think it will be time to replace the ear buds as well…. mine have truly seen better days but really do work well still.   

They’ve seen better days….


So, I decided it was time to start shopping… NOW I am wondering what on Earth I was thinking! 

I thought it would be an easy task to complete, but it is proving to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought.  Who knew there were soooo many choices.  Apple sure knows how to get you interested and browsing their products.

Trying to weigh the options of each version and my brain is just a bit befuzzled with questions…

TOO MANY DECISIONS for this girl right now!

8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB….

Nano, Touch or Classic… (Shuffle is out as I want a display screen)

Refurbished or not…

Early generation versus newer…

If I get a newer model it comes equipped for Nike+ so I’d only have to get a new sensor… BUT I could get an older model and have to buy a new sensor and receiver…

UGHHH!  Decisions, decisions….

Definitely going to be relying on the help of a good friend, who happens to be an Apple “junkie”, to pick out what best suits me!

Not tonight though…   I’ll  hang onto my tried and true for another day or two until I figure out what’s what!

Suggestions on which way to go?  What are the first five songs on one of your playlists?

My first 5 on A Happy Playlist are…. 1.) Beautiful Girl by William Fitzsimmons 2.) Two Step by Dave Matthews Band 3.) Car Crash by Matt Nathanson 4.) Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons 5.)  Say When by The Fray

My first 5 on Shuffle are…1.) Worth the Wait by Adelaine 2.) Fool in the Rain by O.A.R 3.)  Better Together by Jack Johnson 4.)  On and On by Mac Miller 5.)  Hurricane Waters by Citizen Cope


11 thoughts on “Apple Shopping

  1. Smokin’ – Boston
    Crazy Train – Ozzy
    Ice – Lights
    Ain’t Nothing Like You – Blakroc
    Over It – Katherine McPhee

  2. I got a new iPod last year so I could fit more songs on there, i wanted purple but ended up with a silver one. Good luck choosing! I had a happy playlist too, I think I should make it again, good to have songs to make you smile 🙂

    • That’s another reason I need I new one…. The one I have now can’thold very many songs ( especially for a someone like me that has 1000s of songs in her library!) but it was a gift from an ex a ways back so I didn’t have a say in picking that one out… it was silver too! My happy list is one of my favorites! I will say that some of the songs have a happy vibe but their lyrics may not be happy… I still love em anyway! Get to making a new happy playlist girl!

  3. Lucky you that an Apple Junkie friend will help… There is just so much on the market today that it can get confusing pretty fast…
    Good luck with your hunting and update us on your final pick/picks.

    • VERY lucky for my friend! AND I forgot that one of my friends from college works for Apple too! When he read, he couldn’t believe I didn’t ask him! Oops! No picks yet, but will definitely share for sure! 🙂

  4. I have an iPhone – 32Gb because I wanted to fit all my music in there like I did with my old one before it died… but I just end up filling it up with tv-shows instead 😛
    i use spotify a lot though, and the first few songs on there I think are Jar of hearts – Christina Perry, Indestructible – Robyn and probably something by Queen 😉

    • Well Elin, I know what my first purchases will be when the new iPod arrives… OMG! I LOVE Christina Perri! Seriously, can’t get her outta my head now! I am soooooo happy you commented and shared 🙂 I always love finding new tunes!!! THANK YOU BUNCHES

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