Let there be lights….

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Ya, so the rain has made a return appearance in my neck of the woods today, actually started raining last night… A Storm rolled through not long after I got home from work but before getting ready for my cousin’s Pampered Chef party; thunder, lightning and a little bit of wind.  For some reason though, my hatred and fear of storms has started to dwindle more recently and found myself enjoying it a bit… Weird, huh?

So with the rain last night came the flickering of the electricity.  And with the flickering of electricity comes the beeps of the printer and microwave turning off and on and the tv turning off and on… Pretty subtle sounds excepting when one is trying to sleep.  So needless to say I had a little bit of a restless sleep and ended up settling in for the night on the couch.  So much so that I apparently forgot to turn on my alarm clock for this morning. 

I did however wake to the sound of an alarm on my phone that was set for Monday… A whole hour later than I was supposed to get up today!  NICE! 

Thankfully I took a relaxing bath last night so I quickly started running around my place like a crazy lady… This would be one moment I wished I ironed my clothes the night before; pulling out the only pair of pants and shirt that were not wrinkled… Didn’t match super well, but they’d just have to suffice.  So I now sit down to curl my hair… what do you think happens???? The electricity starts flickering again… NICE!  Quickly gave up on my hair and started putting my face on and what should happen??? The electricity flickers again.  By this point I am now applying my face by the light of a flashlight… easier than the eyes adjusting and readjusting to the lights coming on and off….. NICE!

Today my friends I looked a bit like a ragamuffin… A bit disheveled all around!  Which, in turn didn’t matter much any way because the rain stayed and helped me to look even more like a ragamuffin by day’s end. 

I was very happy to find that the lights were all on upon returning home from work…needing to freshen up a bit for the Pampered Chef shindig.  I am happy to say the lights were on and remained on for the remainder of the evening… Even through the slight storm that rolled through… The P.C. party was a nice weeknight evening out where I enjoyed good eats and purchased  a few necessities for the kitchen.

Now sitting here by the light of my laptop winding down my day… A little off kilter, but all in all it was a good day my friends!

And now in sticking with the “Lights” theme… I’d like to send a little birthday shout-out to one of my blogging buddies who is celebrating the big 4-0 today!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!  Hope you’ve had a wonderfully awesome birthday!  🙂

What throws you off in the morning?  How do you deal when your routine is interrupted?  Any other milestone birthdays coming up soon?

9 thoughts on “Let there be lights….

    • I’m a Pampered Chef newbie! 🙂 Prior to yesterday’s party, I only owned 2 things…. now I have quite a long wish list! Any recommendations?

  1. I am not familiar with Pampered Chef but am very familiar with flickering electricity. For some reason ours does so on sunny days, not during storms. The best part is the blame offered by the power folks is “tree branches.” All of the electric in our development is underground and the tallest “tree” is about eight feet high.

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