“Thriller” by Michael Jackson-Throwback Thursday

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead.

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Before anyone says anything…. YES,  I know it’s not Thursday; it’s Wednesday.  I may be scatter brained sometimes and get my days mixed up, BUT today isn’t one of those days. 

Today is my THURSDAY!  Which means tomorrow is my FRIDAY! And we all know how much I LoVe FrIdAyS, right?  Hooray for Friday!!!!!!! 

Ok, now I’m getting ahead of myself…

Since tomorrow is my Friday, I decided to mix things up a little bit and do my Throwback Thursday today…

Song: Thriller

Artist: Michael Jackson

Album: Thriller


Who doesn’t have memories of this song????   First thing I remember is the poster I got for Christmas one year along with a t-shirt and pencils/notepad… All with the picture from the album cover. 

Michael Jackson was AMAZING to me back then… he was such an amazing artist and seemed to completely have his wits about himself at that stage in his life.  He looked human back then…  It saddens me to think of how much he changed over the years and had such a struggle.  Who wouldn’t crack under constant speculation and criticism?  Not defending or accusing….  Not my place to do so… Back to the music I go!

This video scared the living daylights outta me!  The LAUGH in the song scared me even more…. I don’t think I listened to that song on my tape for a long while after I got it because I was a CHICKEN!  I remember being at my grandma’s house to sleepover with my cousin (Yes, Jess if you’re reading this, it was you!). * For the record… I was a cry baby…   a little cry baby 😉 

 I don’t remember ALL the specifics, but I do have some recollection of Thriller playing, me not wanting it too, probably some crying on my part, wanting grandma to call my mom and dad to come get me and gram saying no.  LOL.  Yup, I could be a cry baby.  BUT I did stay the night at Grams.  🙂 

Ok, so in my opinion, the coolest part of this video is the choreography…  Hello?!?!?  I sooooo wanted to know all the dance moves… heck, I still do!  Probably look like a complete idiot doing them, but who cares!  Pretty sure my older sis would know the moves if I asked her … and if she doesn’t I’m sure she’d be up for learning them!  What do ya say, sis???? 😉

 So who’s up for it?  What are your thoughts on Thriller?  What’s your favorite MJ song?

15 thoughts on ““Thriller” by Michael Jackson-Throwback Thursday

  1. Ooh today is my friday too!! =)
    Thriller was one of my favorites! I think the ultimate tribute to the video is the scene in Jennifer Gardner’s film 13 going on 30 where she starts doing the thriller dance in the middle of the company party. I think everyone secretly wants to bust out the thriller moves when they hear this song.

  2. Sis…you KNOW I can do the signature moves from Thriller, pa-lease! Has even been in our talent show, of course! I used to think the video was scary too. But then I showed it to Jess last year and I laughed! There was nothing scary about it! It was almost comical! The kids at work ADORE Michael Jackson. Hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear one of his songs coming from the music area. We’ve also done “Bad” and “ABC” for the show. MJ never goes out of style….

    • I knew you would! Funny, how that happenes, isn’t it? Super cheesy now, but scary as can be when we were younger. No, MJ doesn’t go outta style, that’s for sure!

  3. Michale is so missed. he truly was a genius. I loved the dancing in thriller and enjoyed it so much there wasn’t room to get scared. 🙂

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