Happily Humming…

This evening has been somewhat enjoyable if I do say so myself…

Today was a pretty low-key kinda day with dreary weather. Stuff at home, visited my mom and 2 youngest nephews for a bit, shopped a little with Jaim, had dinner with her family and then home for the night.

  I woke up way earlier than I wanted to on my day off, but by 7 AM the internal alarm had already gone off a few times!

Spent the morning doing one of my most favorite things in the world…

I purchased a TON of new music on iTunes!  9 albums to be exact… Hmmmm. Think I have a problem????

I have an ongoing list that I maintain detailing new artists I’ve heard of or older artists that I remembered to be purchased at a later date.  I put a nice dent in  the list today, but of course with every album purchased comes another one or two you add to the list!!!

The cool thing is, that a couple of today’s purchased albums were direct suggestions of fellow bloggers or I “discovered” the song in one of their posts.

Tonight, I’m sitting here enjoying each and every new dig to the fullest.

Here’s a sampling…

Christina Perri-The Ocean Way Sessions

William Fitzsimmons- Gold in the Shadow

Lights- The Listening

Paper Route- Absence

Relaxing as I sit here… happily humming my night away!

What are some new tunes you’ve enjoyed recently?  Any suggestions for me?

8 thoughts on “Happily Humming…

  1. I sit here reading while the cool tropical winds waft through my bedroom thinking of this blonde girl humming while enjoying simple pleasures…. That’s some good living girly-girl….

    You’ve brought a little intrigue into my evening….thanks for the smile you put on my face while reading about your happy afternoon…


  2. I just downloaded the new Foo Fighter’s album Wasting Light, as well as The Black Keys album Brothers, and if you don’t already have it Adele’s 21 is a MUST! My new guilty pleasure for working out is anything featuring PitBull… I know it is kind of weird but when I listen to him, I really want to work out and get skinny!!

    • I almost got the Foo Fight’s new album but didn’t… it’s on my list though! I did download Adele’s 21 yesterday and am LOVING it! The Black Keys definitely make a few appearances in my music library too… But PitBulll I am not familiar with… Guess I’ll be checking out something new! YAY! Thanks!

  3. 9 songs or 9 albums? You are on the road to becoming a DJ, no? 🙂
    Enjoy your new finds…
    Finally catching up on comments after my busy time with my college bound kids.

    • 9 Albums! Plus I downloaded a few additional songs! Oh, being a DJ would be sooo much fun… 😉 Thanks Eliz… I am enjoying them. Have they settled on schools yet?

  4. Wow that even out does me 🙂 my recent album purchases are – Sick Puppies – tri poplar, The Dollyrots – Messed up, and Belle and Sebatstian – Wrote about Love xx

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