Polar Opposites…

Twists and turns in every aspect imaginable today…. Proof that in life you just never know what is in store at any given moment.

Odd things happened today… Strange things happened today…

I’ve come to learn that in life you just never, ever know what to expect on any given day.  You just never know what will happen on any given day. 

Sometimes you’re presented with good things; other times you’re presented with some not so good things.

Today was a mixed bag for me.  Weird things occurred.  Odd things that just kinda make you sit back and think, “Wow.  Did that really just happen?”  

People can surprise you in both good and bad ways as well.  Some people’s actions don’t necessarily surprise you, but make ya shake your head and wonder in disbelief. 

While another’s actions and words make you stand in amazement at their true spirit and tenacity in adverse situations.

Today I had the pleasure of dealing with two situations of opposing natures as described just above.

The first individual’s actions just flat-out floored myself as well as several others.  You think you know what’s going on, but then something so random comes outta nowhere and makes your mouth drop open and just shake your head asking yourself, “What the…?”

The second individual is someone I’ve come to know very well and respect very much.  In the midst of a most difficult and trying situation, which undoubtedly has caused troubling moments for the individual and others in somewhat close contact, this person’s dedication and determination to right a wrong is astounding.  A true testament to the high standards and expectations of this individuals character in regards to views of life, love and family. Sticking it out when times are tough, sticking with it when things aren’t perfect AND working day in and day out when the cards are seemingly stacked against you is not an easy task.  Quite honestly I’m not sure it’s a task that I could undertake with the strength, spirit and steadfastness such as this individual.  

These two situations are complete polar opposites in every aspect.  Each deal with their own tidbits of drama but do not even come close to being lumped in the same category.  One a complete negative and the other a positive.

Call me cuckoo crazy, BUT … I’m thankful for both situations I dealt with today even if one was none to pleasant at all…

As one taught me to be thankful for the choices I make in my life and thankful for the people I choose to surround myself with.  Reminding me that I do having an amazing support system in place.  It also reminded me that not all in life is pleasant.  You have the ability to make a choice how to live your life.  Sometimes you have to suck it up and put your big girls pants on to do an unfavorable task for the betterment of many. 

The other situation reaffirmed all I just mentioned above in addition to teaching me that no matter how tough a situation can be, you’ve gotta stand strong and fight for what you want and need even when all you wanna do in throw in the towel.    A choice made years and years ago leads you to where you are today.  You are strong enough to handle anything that comes your way if you want it bad enough… Don’t let others be responsible for your happiness in life, dictating your highs and lows.  Wish happiness for others as often as possible even if it means your happiness may temporarily dissipate, knowing that happiness will find you again in some way, shape, or form. 

My point of the matter in writing this is to remind myself not to judge anyone; not for their actions or words.  We can’t possibly know what those around us are dealing with at any given moment…  You think you know, but really you don’t have an idea.  You only know what people want you to know and see what they want you to see.  You have your perceptions, but sometimes it is best to keep them to yourself.  Voicing your opinion is NOT always the best decision in every situation, taking into account people’s feelings and personal situations.  BUT, it is most important to ask for truth from others and require yourself to be truthful.  At times the truth hurts, but I’d rather be faced with it full-on and not sugar-coated. 

When all else fails… put your trust in Him. 

Twists and turns in every aspect imaginable today…. Proof that in life you just never know what is in store at any given moment.


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