Feeding the Addiction…

Someone that loves music as much as I do is ALWAYS looking for new tunes… it can almost be compared to an addiction!

Hearing a song for the first time is always pretty cool.  Generally speaking I know with in the first little bits if I like it or not.  BUT, I’m not too quick to rule anything out after only one listen; always giving it a second or third listen. 

I’m ALWAYS up for new suggestions…  By simply by taking the word of family, friends, fellow bloggers and artist suggestions on iTunes my library grows weekly.  I’ve come to find and love many of the bands/ artists I listen to through taking a chance and giving them a listen.

The problem with this musical addiction is that is can become QUITE incredibly EXPENSIVE very quickly!  Buying individual songs at about a $1 a pop adds up pretty quickly when you have about 8,000 songs in your electronic music library in addition to all the CD’s and the few remaining relics that are cassette tapes I own.  If I bought all the music I really wanted to I could easily end up going completely broke and living on the streets!

So imagine my excitement when I see an email, FB update or twitter post giving me the edge on scoring some FREE tunes! The best part is they are LEGAL too…  FREE AND LEGAL.

Seriously?!?!  Can you believe it?  Honestly at times it can be enough to make my jaw drop open!

My suggestions for fun, fabulous and FREE tunes are….

1.)  iTunes:  YES, you do have to pay for most music on iTunes.  BUT, each week they have free music available for you to download.  From emerging acts to established talent, you can add about 3-4 new songs to your music library every week!  Some weeks all the tunes are phenomenal (this week is one of those weeks!!!!) while others are hit and miss.  But, hey… they’re free!

2.) Noisetrade.com:  This site is pretty cool and follows in the lead of Radiohead in allowing the listener to choose the price (i.e. donation) they’d like to make for the albums they download.  Give as much or little or none as you like. Sign-up for their newsletter and receive email notifications of new releases.  What I like about this site is the versatility in artists.  The only downfall is that you can’t preview the music before downloading.  So, again…. it ends up being hit or miss with your liking the music.  For me, I enjoy it… remember I always listen more than once!  So there’s a pretty good possibility of me liking it down the road.

3.)My newest discovery is Day Trotter . com.  I have my love for Iron & Wine to thank for my finding this website just today.  Tons of free music from Independent bands  who’ve recorded live Day Trotter sessions at The Horseshack in Illinois.  I found songs by artists I love such as Iron & Wine and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals while also collecting some downloads by others that I’ve not heard of previously.  Again… completely free!

4.)  At the suggesting of Jessica I checked out the KEXP Song of the Day Podcast on iTunes about a year ago and have discovered a TON of music to love!!!  From K’naan to Bon Iver to Fleet Foxes the songs keep coming.  You may catch a bit of radio talk intermingled at some point during the beginning or end of the song, but it can easily be looked past.  If nothing else, I oftentimes end up purchasing music by some of these artists on iTunes after hearing one of the songs on the podcast.

Check these resources out!  What can it hurt?  You may just find some new digs that you like! 

And while you’re at it share your secrets for finding new or free music!  Help a sister feed her addiction! 🙂 

Happy listening my friends!

4 thoughts on “Feeding the Addiction…

  1. I’m just like you and spend way too much on music! I’m always excited to preview the Itunes free song, sometimes great sometimes just average but always free so yay! I love Grace Potter 🙂

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