Monetary donations gladly accepted!


Sooooo ya. Somehow I got another stinking virus on my laptop. Joy of joys!!!

Usually I can work through ’em & get rid of ’em all on my own. BUT… This “Windows Recovery” virus is a nasty bugger & is showing no mercy.

I caved & took the laptop to Best Buy. Guess how much to do a complete data back-up, remove the virus, & fix the hard drive? $300-$350 plus tax.

What did I originally pay for my laptop? Probably around $400. Hmmmmm. Logically one would say…”just go buy a new laptop.” I thought about it for a minute BUT the biggeat thing I am worried about is the data stored on my current laptop; most specifically my music. Ya…. my music.

Not a big deal if I backed up my library on a regular basis. But of course I haven’t done that recently. Probably not for about 4 months.

  So do I risk losing almost $200 in newly purchased music & just opt for the removal of the virus & repair of the damage chancing that the hard drive could crash completely during the repair?

Do I pay $150 to get a full data back-up with an external hard drive, save up for a Mac & be without a computer for how ever long that takes?

Or do I cough up the $350 to fix & backup my 19 month old laptop that I only paid $400 for? The bonus with this final option is that all future virus fixes in the next 2 years will be free!  Woo hoo!


That right there my friends is enough to make this music lover pull her highly highlighted blondie locks right outta her head!

So I brought my laptop back home with me…infection & all in hopes of figuring out what the heck I’m gonna do.

From little bro to my bestest bloggin buddy a Mac is the way to go. I must say that i kinda agree…. i think?!?!?! Just don’t have the fundage for one at the moment.

To the ingenious hackers that created this virus… thank you for the inconvenience you’ve caused me. So very considerate of you. Hope you’ve gotten much enjoyment out of this.

Until this all gets straightened out I ask two things of you my friends …

1.) Please bear with my blog posts as I will be blogging from my phone.  Formatting may be off kilter & photos outta place & misspellings ever present ….

2.) For the love of Pete…. don’t suggest any new music to me! It’ll drive me bonkers to jot be able to purchase it! Talk about sheer & utter torture to a music junkie… please!

In the mean time… any & all monetary donations to ‘Megan’s Mac Fund’ will be graciously accepted!  😉

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