Computer Medix

Well, I know you’ve all been VERY worried about my computer situation… I mean you’ve all probably been losing sleep over it haven’t you?

Ha ha… Alright, maybe you haven’t, but for a little while there I was!

I am extremely happy to report that my laptop was saved as was ALL of my data…

All my pictures,  documents, fonts and even my music were salvaged from my laptop…. Oh, Happy day!!!!!!

Actually, last Monday was the happy day that I got my laptop back along with all of  its contents…just haven’t had a chance to blog about it!

A little shop close to home was recommended to me by several people so I checked  ’em out.  They guarantee lower prices than larger competitors and upon a lengthy conversation with the fella at the shop, I felt safe leaving my baby in their hands.

Fixing my precious laptop was no easy task for these guys at all.  Although they were able to remove the virus completely, they had never seen this particular virus do as much damage as it had to my laptop.  It damaged Windows itself so a complete factory restore was needed.

Here we come to save the day!!!

All of my precious jewels were safely transferred from the hard drive to an external hard drive for safe keeping.  PHEW!!! Crisis averted!!!

While I am very happy to have my laptop back along with all the data, I still haven’t had a chance to transfer info back over or reinstall programs.  I have promised myself I won’t use it until I get new anti-virus software installed and time just hasn’t permitted as of yet.

A HUGE thank you to the fellas at Computer Medix for saving my stuff and figuring the problems out!  A big thanks to my dad for helping out with the cost of the repairs too.

I am so relieved to have everything in my possession again… You don’t realize just how much you use it until you don’t have it!

I will say I’ve learned a couple of lessons in the process…

1.) Have up to date anti-virus installed on your laptop/pc.

2.) Facebook is the harboring of more ill will than gossip and rumors… Many of these virus are embedded within Facebook by hackers and can infect your computer without even clicking on anything, just by logging in.

3.) BACK UP YOUR data!!!!!  For now I have everything on an external hard drive, but they also recommended storing it via an online server so that if something happens (fire, flood, etc.) your data will still be accessible through any internet connection not just on a piece of hardware that can be destroyed.

4.) Don’t depend on technology for everything.  Too many of us live by our smartphones and computers…. Try reading a book (an actual paper copy versus an electronic copy).  Try writing a letter to someone (remember…. pen, paper and stamps?) instead of emailing and texts.  How did we become so dependant on technology?  Remember the days when we didn’t have it?  I barely do!!!

5.)  Sometimes, you get what you pay for…. Yes my laptop was on the inexpensive side; it also cost about half as much to repair it when it is not even 2 years old.  Had a purchased a Mac, yes I would have spent a bit more at the onset, but probably wouldn’t have had the problems I encountered.

So there’s my story… My pictures, documents and MUSIC are all safe and sound.  A happily ever after in my book!



12 thoughts on “Computer Medix

  1. I love your cheery artwork because computer problems MUST BE in the air. I’ve had to reinstall Windows once, and all my other software twice and I’m frustrated. I love seeing what’s up with family and friends on Facebook, but dang! they should stop those bugs. The battle over the bugs seems worse now than it used to be. I can definitely relate to your post. 🙂

    Anyway, you’re right; we should never go online without protective software. I’ve been using maxsecure and it costs less and is just as good as the others I’ve used.
    I bought it when it was on sale but here’s the address if you want to check it out. May you and your computer be very blessed!

    • It sure does seem worse than ever! Never used to be plauged by viruses before….BUT, I also wasn’t quite as dependent upon it and didn’t use it quite as frequently. Ughhh. What can you do, right?!? Take the good with the bad in the online world I guess!

  2. I have gone through a few computers, only once was it because of a technical problem that I got tired of fixing. It was actually my first laptop, and from then on I always keep all my data on an external hard drive. I actually have an iMac and a PC laptop and I am happy with both. The customer service for Mac isn’t so great, and people are starting to target them for viruses, so you’re not really safe any more with macs. As for virus protection I’ve been using Avast on my PC, it’s free and I haven’t had any issues. Good luck Chica.

  3. Woo hoo!!! Glad that you got it back! I had a virus a few years ago on my laptop. My husband got a new computer so I started using his old laptop… I never fixed mine. I’m sure there is so much data that I would love to get back. Maybe I should get crackin’ on that!

    • Woo hoo is right! If could have done a cartwheel without hurting myself I would have! You should definitely take your old computer … even if you don’t get it fixed, they could at least get all the data off! Worth a shot, if nothing else. Thanks for stopping by!

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