Iron & Wine

Sam Beam of Iron and Wine

Soulful, lyrical & at times a little bit trippy, Iron & Wine is a prized treasure in my music collection. An American singer-song writer from South Carolina and father of 5 that sources some of his inspiration to songs of the 70’s such as Rod Stewart‘s “Maggie Mae.” (Great name for a blog, er song, don’t ya think? 🙂 )

I’ve been listening to Iron and Wine for a little over a year now after little brother had suggested that I take a listen. From the very first play, I became entranced by the eclectic stylings of the guitar, mesmerized by the vocals, causing me to fall in love with the lyrics as well as Sam Beam’s voice.

I find this man to be quite the intriguing individual. His shy & laid back demeanor emulates from the stage whilst commanding and demanding your attention throughout the duration of his performance.

There’s something to be said about an artist whose live music is just as good if not better than album recordings. Having had the pleasure of catching a show of his at a smaller venue at Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead, the intimacy and “real-ness” of the music simply takes over. It was the kind of performance where I could sit back, closing my eyes and simply take in the sultry sounds of the background vocals & instrumentalists while focusing on Sam’s smooth, sweet, honey like voice.

Lil’ bro & I were fortunate enough to score tickets to this show at the very last-minute thanks to a friend of a friend of mine; getting an email only a couple of hours before the show starts. We were super stoked since we had tried getting tickets weeks earlier only to find that the show had already sold out.

Absolutely breathtaking...

While Iron & Wine doesn’t get much radio play, popularity is rising. Songs have been heard on Grey’s Anatomy and one was included on the Twilight soundtrack so you may have heard without realizing. If you haven’t, I suggest you give ’em a listen. His newest record, Kiss Each Other Clean is far more different from all his previous records than I had anticipated, but LOVE it all the same.

The show was phenomenal from beginning to end without a question. I would absolutely pay a lot more money to see Sam Beam do his thing on stage again and be mesmerized by his voice all over. I just can’t seem to get enough if his music these days and that is more than fine by me!

Our only disappointment in the evening was that our favorite song, “Boy with a Coin,” wasn’t played.  But who knows?  Maybe next time we’ll get to hear it!

Are you an Iron & Wine fan? Whose voice do you find irresistible?


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