Shaking my head…

Sometimes that’s all you can do…

When something throws you off or a person disappoints you;

When the past crawls outta the woodwork;

When you’re reminded of misguidings and transgressions;

When you think you’ve got things figured out and it all gets mixed up and strewn about by one singular, simple act…

All I can do is shake my head.

Today I was thrown off by someone attempting to enter back in to my life after having treated me in a most immature and disrespectful manner several months ago; Showing no regard for my thoughts, feelings or well being those months ago only for their own.

I am a better person…  I have grown… I am okay… I am me….  

If you don’t appreciate me for that or all that makes me who I am then you don’t deserve a place in my life…

You are a part of my past and that I’m happy to say is just where you’ll stay.


All I can do is shake my head…



22 thoughts on “Shaking my head…

    • Thanks love! Definitely taking the high road here by not letting him back in… I’ve done it in the past and am not going back there again!

  1. Hello Maggie Mae –

    I was directed here by your friend’s site, Redneck Princess (love that ID) haha. Here’s my take on the wonderful words of advice you mention in your post above. If a person has one foot into yesterday and one foot in to tomorrow, they will urinate on today. They will fail to live the moment at hand and the moments we’re all living NOW are the most important. They amend for past errors and strive for a better tomorrow. I am living my moment now with you here. Nice post and Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂

    • Hey there Charlie! Thanks so much for stopping by! Isn’t the Redneck Princess a hoot?!? Love her to pieces. 🙂

      What you said here is so very true! Don’t think I coulda said it any better! Thank you for living your moment yesterday here with me… you and your presence here mean alot. Hope to see you back here again soon! Happy Thursday to ya! 🙂

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