Oh, Happy Day!

Today started off in the most perfect way possible!  (even if it was a little bit after 2:00 AM when I got the call, just as it is now when I am writing to you!)

You see, I generally love the 4th of July… excepting of course the year I made enemies with fireworks!

But on this July 4th, I got the best, most wonderful surprise ever imaginable!

I became an aunt for the 6th time!!!

Me & my little J-man...

At 5:23 AM this little fella joined the world at 7lbs. 11oz. and 19 inches long… the tiniest of lil sis’s boys decided he’d make his appearance in his own time, a while two weeks early!

Mommy, Daddy, biggest brother (B-Shane) and little big brother (P-Dub) are all doing well as is the newest, sweetest, most adorable little addition (J-Man).

J-Man, Me, & B-Shane

Talk about brightening some not so bright days!  It was pretty much impossible to NOT smile all day, even when I for a second would think about what is not so perfect lately.  (More to come on that in a later post… I promise!)

Love at first sight really does exist...

No matter how many times it happens, holding that little one for the first time…seriously it is love at first sight.   So blessed to have 5 happy and healthy nephews and 1 beautiful and bubbly niece.

Now, I may be a bit biased but….. he is the cutest, most adorably, handsome little man I’ve ever seen! Well, at least since P-Dub was born last year… 😉

What a perfect way to celebrate July 4th… with family and friends AND my sweet little J-Man.

Many congratulations and much love to lil sis… She done good!  Very proud of her…. such a tough cookie!!!

Many congratulations to bro-in-law… You make a great poppa!  I know you’re getting the B-ball team all lined up!

Hugs and congrats to the biggest brother, B-Shane… You are already a fabulous big brother!  You’re such a good role model for your little brothers; I just know, they’ll look up to you!

And our little P-Dub… How are you all of a sudden not a baby anymore?!?  You bring smiles and laughter to everyone around you!  Be nice to the baby and help mommy! 🙂

So for now, little sis and hubby have a perfect little family… made up of all the essentials… P B & J. Isn’t that cute?!  Totally unplanned too!

B-Shane, P-Dub & J-Man

Welcome to the world baby boy!  Aunt Mae loves you bunches already!!!



20 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Oh my goodness Megan…he IS gorgeous…and this coming from the woman who had the best looking baby girl (11 years ago) and the most handsome little boy (8…almost 9 years ago). I know, it’s so hard to not be biased. Anyway, congrats to all. I love the P B & J…that is just too cute!! The pics are adorable and God does have a way of shining a lot of light into even the darkest of days. We must always remember that he is the one in control…always.
    God bless all of you.

    • Thanks Diane! I am lovin the P, B & J thing…. makes me smile everytime! You are right…. trying to remember that He is the boss… giving it up to Him!!! Love ya!

  2. Congratulations! What an adorable little one… You look very happy too. 🙂

    PS. Still catching up on commenting again after a hectic week that included 3 long days/nights at a yoga event. I will be attending another workshop in the coming week (7/11-7/14) and if I don’t leave comments, I will follow up on my return. 🙂

    • These little guys sure do make me happy… they’ve brightened the dreariest of recent days!

      No worries about commenting … I am much too far behind myself! Sounds like you’re doing some pretty cool things!

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