I’m about to be a Palindrome…Lucky me, turning 33!

It’s officially my birthday week!

On Thursday, I will enter into a super cool, elite club that only becomes available once every ten years….

I’ve gotta soak it up for all its worth because membership in this club lasts but a single year.

Little sis is joining the 30’s club in a few short weeks…

Mom is joining the 60’s the same day as lil sis turning 30…

SOOOOoooooo, I don’t wanna be left out in the exciting birthday club festivities.

What is so exceptional about turning 33 you may ask?!?

Well you see, I’ll be a palindrome for an entire year!

A Palindrome!!!

Yes, I am one of those nerdy number lovin’ peeps that seems to spy palindromes EVERYWHERE…. ALL THE TIME.  Well more so recently than I have in the past.  I kid you not, every time I look at the clock it is a palindrome.





a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I’m Adam  or Poor Dan is in a droop.
As I said I notice them EVERYWHERE, but it’s usually numbers more so than phrases.  I look at the clock on my laptop and it says 9:59…. a few minutes later I look and it’s 10:01.  Next time I look at my phone it’s 12:21.
Driving home from my cousin’s house Friday night…. I’m stopped to make a turn and look at what I saw…
It honestly has been freaking me out a little because it’s been happening so frequently lately, but this whole turning 33 thing… I’m gonna revel in it for all it’s worth!
My 22nd birthday was by far my most fun and memorable so far.  I was able to hang out with a bunch of my friends, intermingling my college friends with long time friends and Kennywood friends which never, ever happened… We had a BLAST!!!
For my 33rd I don’t have any big plans…  not sure what will be going on at all.  I’m pretty sure it’s not going to involve bar hopping and doing shots.  That, my friends would prolly end up badly!
Let’s just say this….
I’ve got high expectations for this number 33….  we shall see what happens come Thursday and for the next 364 days that follow!


And now I leave you with a fun tune by Weird Al… yes, you read that correctly!  lol
The whole thing was written using only palindromes!!!  Pretty cool 🙂
Ooooh!  Guess what!   It’s 11:11 PM…. Nighty night my friends 🙂

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