Relay for Life: Honor & Remember; Love & Belonging

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Today I’ll be spending much of my time at the local Relay for Life stretching long into the night…

Remembering those I have lost to the ugly and scary reality that is cancer.

Honoring those that have fought the good fight and prevailed over the ugly monster.

It’s a bitter-sweet celebration for me…

As I remember my step-dad, 2 uncles, and 3 friends who lost their battle…  I honor an uncle, 2 aunts and 1 friend who are alive and survived.  (You can read a little about some of these lovely people here.)  To read a little more about remembrance, learning and growth check out my post Time + Healing = Acceptance.

Take not one moment in this life for granted.

Tell those you love, you love them often.

Remind those you appreciate, you cherish them often.

Relish in each breath you breathe on this beautiful Earth.

So I leave you with two songs… One a cover of “In My Life” by Dave Matthews and the second, “Fix You” by Coldplay.

In My Life is pretty self-explanatory… it helps me to honor and remember those in my life both in the now and those who are no longer walking alongside me.  I’ve posted this song here several times, but it’s just one that I can’t live without.

The first time I heard Fix You, was at the Relay for Life in 2009 during the remembrance lap.  Completely moving and emotional moment that will forever be etched in my mind.

For any one that has fought and lost their battle to cancer… you are remembered.

For those who are survivors… warriors against the beat… I honor you.

How has cancer affected your life?  Have you lost someone close to you?  Survivor stories?

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11 thoughts on “Relay for Life: Honor & Remember; Love & Belonging

    • Wow Vix, I had no idea. Cancer know no limits… it does not discriminate, which is what makes it so very scary. It is an amazing song isn’t it?! hugs

  1. I so want to participate in a relay for life sometime soon… Cancer took my Memere… And it’s trying to take a few more family members now. Fighting for the cure (and supporting those who are fighting the disease now) is really important to me!

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