Smiles, CRAP & more smiles




Had a very nice day today …

The weather was BeAuTiFuL.

Got some crafty things done & started a couple little projects spurred by searching on Pinterest (Soooooooo addicting by the way!!!!). I spied several different types of button bracelets & own one as well…leading me try my own spin on them utilizing my large stash of buttons & ribbon. They didn’t really turn out quite as I would have liked but they’ll do for now.

Got some cleaning & organizing done…

Then decided on an spur of the moment sleep over with B. Shane… which is certainly bringing the biggest of smiles to my face. Love the nephew ro pieces! Really nice having some one on one time with the oldest of the little sister’s 3 boys.

I decided to hop on the laptop real quick  & check for job postings when I had my “Oh, CRAP!” moment. The laptop sounded like it turned on… but the screen was black. CRAP! It stayed black.


Completely blank screen.

Tried restarting by powering down… BLACK SCREEN.


Can not see a thing …

So, my friends I find myself without a laptop again … grrrrrr!

As I sat here clearly upset & frustrated, the nephew said with a big smile , “It’s okay, Aunt Mae. You have your phone still.”

“Yes, B. Shane. You are correct.” I replied smiling back.

The 10 year old’s point of view brought a smile to my face… even when I was (am) steaming mad & angry over the stupid laptop the boy snapped me out of it.

Does it completely suck that I’m without a laptop again?  Yes.

But, I do have most everything backed up except my recently updated resumes, cover letters & pictures. (Lesson learned by the last laptop fiasco)

The laptop will be replaced someday … not in the immediate future, but in time. Once again I am reminded just how much I rely on technology … entirely too much.

Moments like this though…Hanging out with the nephew & the smiles that came along with it can’t be replaced. 

Thanks for the smiles B. Shane!  More than made up for my,  “Oh, crap!” moments.

The boy is now sleeping as I am “painstakingly” typing this post on my android.
Looking forward to more smiles as we head off to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast in the morning; finally making use of a gift card I received as a Christmas gift last year! Then off to mom’s house to visit with my aunt & her fiance who are visiting from Michigan.

No pinning, stumbling or spotting for me for the time being! But as the nephew reminded,  I still have my phone so I won’t be left completely in the stone ages!!!

Could you survive without your laptop/computer? Who has the ability to snap you out of an “Oh, crap” moment when you need it?

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12 thoughts on “Smiles, CRAP & more smiles

    • It sucks!!!! First thing I did when I woke up was turn it on thinking that all it needed was a good night’s sleep, but no dice. Pitch black. 😦 hoping the nephews bring some much needed sunshine my way today because I’ve had enough of this crap cloud that is looming overhead.

  1. Have to agree with Redneck Princess.
    When I get down, or something happens Jade will come up and place her hands on my face, or grab my hand and say “You okay Mommy?” That just brightens my day. xoxo
    Hope you get lappy fixed soon. I would be lost without my computer fo’ sho.

    • Ya, I am definitely lost… when I woke up I went to turn it on in hopes that it was all just a bad dream BUT no dice. Still just a black screen. Hoping for a good dose of the smiles from all 3 nephews today!

  2. When you get a new laptop, you need to sign up for Dropbox. Its a cloud service (free). You download an app to your computer and it’s just another folder on your desktop. I save all of my docs on there and not only can I access them everywhere but if the computer crashes I don’t lose them. There’s an app for android as well in the market. I highly recommend it.

  3. Wasn’t this the laptop you just had repaired…? Is there a warranty of sorts? You need to take it back to the shop and have them look at it… I remember this happened not so long ago…right?
    Good thing you figured out how to use your android for postings… Keep us posted. 😦

    • Yes, memory serves you correctly my dear. It happened in May. Unfortunately there’s no warranty & I have to watch my spending because of the job situation so getting it looked at is not an option at the moment. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to chalking it up as a loss since it cost $400 at purchase & $200 has already been put into it and it’s not even 2 years old. 😦

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