I heard the message loud and clear.

The last couple months have been an absolute roller coaster.

That’s not new news for me to share with you.  If you’ve read my posts, the few and far between that they’ve been since June, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s been trying to say the least… the very least.   For my newer readers, you’ll have to dig back and find the posts to get caught up to speed because quite honestly that road is in my rear view mirror and there’s no looking back.

A couple of weeks ago, while chatting with my sweet friend Carrie she told me some things and gave me a bit to refocus on.  After taking her advice and reflecting,  I finally got the message.  I heard it loud and clear as I booted up my computer and opened up iTunes. The first song that came on when I hit shuffle… “You’ll Be Okay” by Ian Axel…

That was just what I needed to hear.

I’ve finally arrived at a good pit-stop a midst all the detours…

The road has been exhausting!

  • I’ve cried tears that were seemingly endless, but guess what?!  They stopped.
  • I’ve laughed so hard that tears of a much sweeter kind have made repeat appearances.
  • I’ve had more grumpy days and cranky moments that I care to admit but I’ve changed that.  That is something I CAN control.  I still have my cranky moments, don’t get me wrong… but all the grumpy days
  • I’ve listened to music NON-STOP to deal with the tears, the laughs, the grumpiness…
  • I’ve reconnected with some old friends who add to my life and don’t take away from it.
  • I’ve been let down by some I love and THOUGHT I knew well.
  • I’ve been lifted up by many.

I have learned so.incredibly.much.

I’ve learned that it is far less exhausting when you deal with what you can & let go of everything else.

I’ve learned that dwelling correlates to darkness & that I am more of a bright light kinda gal.

I’ve learned that looking at the sunny-side isn’t always easy but it is so much more rewarding.

I’ve learned that change isn’t quite as scary as I once believed.  In fact, I now fully believe that CHANGE IS GOOD.  Change is necessary for growth.  It is completely possible to become too comfortable in a situation… to a point where you can no longer grow as a person.  That my friends is NOT good.  I was there and am EXTREMELY happy that I am no longer.  Like I said, I’m at a good pit-stop. 🙂

I have learned that my time is valuable… no longer will I utilize it on people who don’t respect it and reciprocate.

I’m learning to assume my role as a doorman not a doormat.

This is probably one of the single most important yet difficult stops I’ve encountered.     A friend recently told me that it’s not possible for someone to “get the best of you” after my having just told him that I was grumpy because I let someone “get the best of me.”   It took me a little while to process it but it definitely got me  to thinking…  People can only get from you what you give them.  People who push your buttons, don’t value your time or treat you unfairly don’t deserve your best.  The whole Golden Rule thing comes into play here in my opinion and ends up being one of my greatest attributes and downfalls all in one.  I ALWAYS treat others the way I want to be treated.  The problem is I am let down and hurt by those whom  do not reciprocate.  It’s a whole learning curve I guess. But the truth of the matter is it is becoming much easier for me to shut those people out of my life.

Well, maybe not the hottest, but see the door?!? Find your way out... 😉

Better still, instead of lying down and letting people get the “best” of me by walking all over me I now choose to hold open the door for them as they walk on out, giving them a swift kick if and when needed. 😉

The road is still winding…

Where I end up in 6 months from now, a year, or 10 I have not a clue.

But for right now, I am happy.

I am working.  I am thankful.   I am changing.  I am comfortable.  I am learning…. always learning.

I heard the message loud and clear.



7 thoughts on “I heard the message loud and clear.

  1. “Better still, instead of lying down and letting people get the “best” of me by walking all over me I now choose to hold open the door for them as they walk on out, giving them a swift kick if and when needed.”

    Good for you!!! I can relate completely…and need to absorb some of your doorman skills…sometimes I think Doormat is tattooed to my forehead!

  2. I am happy for you Megan that you are in control of your life and maneuvering the pitfalls as best you can… The tough times teach us to find the strength within and then when the easy times come, we have no choice but to shine. Keep the faith girl, you are doing better than you think. 🙂

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