Adorable faces...

These adorable faces.

The faces that bring me smiles, laughs, happiness, joy, worry, tears and headaches.

Sometimes those little faces are musha faces or cranky faces yet are still make me smile faces.

Cheek pinching faces and snuggles and hugs and kisses faces.

I just love the nephew faces.  Each and every one.

Your face can tell someone everything about you in a minute… Expressions, gestures, looks… all unbeknownst to you.

Faces tell you how others feel.  What people think.  They can help you discover someone’s opinion without ever having to say a word.

Faces greet you with warmth and gentleness…  anger or dis-contentedness.

You can learn things you never wanted to know just by one look…  Their face says it all.

You can find out every little thing you need to know just by one look… Their face says it all.

Consolation, congratulations, confrontation, celebrations… a face can say it all.

But over all I still prefer these incredibly adorable… melt my heart faces.


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