Please, just be quiet…

Today’s Daily Post prompt made me chuckle….

“If you could make anyone in the world stop talking for 24 hours who would it be? And why?”

As soon as I read it, someone came to mind.  Although it’s not necessarily the actual individual I’d like to be quiet…

 It’s the press.

I’m sure you’re all well aware that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce.  If you haven’t heard then you’ve not turned on the tv, listened to the radio, logged on to Facebook or checked out twitter for over 24 hours.

The press coverage is absolutely ridiculous.  Nonstop.   Unnecessary.

TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Facebook, Twitter…. It is everywhere.

Yes, it is ridiculous that those two individuals were married only a few months ago and are now calling it quits.

Yes, it’s incredibly absurd that so much money was foolishly thrown around on their wedding.

Yes, it’s even more ridiculous that for the days surrounding the event  you heard nothing but and saw nothing but coverage of the affair.

I even heard comparisons between this wedding and the Royal Wedding.

There is nothing to compare.

It is what it is people.  It was a spectacle from the get-go.  It’s NOT news.


If I were able to make someone be quiet for 24 hours it would be any media person speaking of this wedding… or the failings of said marriage.  There are far more pressing issues in the world that deserve such a spot light in the media.

I don’t know what happened between the couple.  Nor do I care, as it is none of my business.  While they did air their wedding on television making it the spectacle that it became, I simply don’t understand how it  or their divorce merit worthy of news.

But hey…. that’s just me… my opinion.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think the media is going into over kill?


7 thoughts on “Please, just be quiet…

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  2. I wrote a post about the Kardashian split BUT it was hardly news. It was completely for comedy’s sake. I think the serious, twenty-minute segments on major news channels detailing a divorce between two kids who were barely ever married is WAY overkill. Aren’t there starving kids, wars, and Charlie Sheen antics to talk about?

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