All Gave Some…Some Gave All

Today I join the many in remembering those who served, fought & defended.

Those that are honorable, selfless, and admirable.

Many in my family served in the military and I am very happy to say that they all returned home safely.  From my grandfather and my step-dad, to several uncles and a cousin to my step-brother and a friend… they proudly served to uphold our freedoms and defend our nation so that we can enjoy our lives in the US of A as we have grown accustomed.

Each of their journeys were different; the sentiment the same. None has spoken of their time away very often.  But what little I have gathered over the years leads me to know that defending our freedom is a task that bears great weight.  Sights and sounds stick.  Bonds made unbreakable.  People do incredible things to save the life of another.

HEROES come in many forms.

A player that catches a winning touchdown; A firefighter entering a burning building; a police officer entering a standoff.

But these are the heroes that serve and protect; defend and sacrifice.  The ones that fight for our freedom; the ones that protect us from terrorist attacks; the ones that miss the births of their children and the funerals of their loved ones.   And the ones that never return home.

I take great pride in my country.  I am thankful to have the liberties that I do.  I do not agree with all that the current Administration (or others previously, for that matter) has implemented nor am I an advocate of war.  I do believe that when people are doing wrong they should be stopped.  When we are threatened as a nation I find  it a conflicting comfort knowing that I am blessed to live in a country where we can defend our freedoms; we have individuals who voluntarily FIGHT and DEFEND our rights.  In reality, it’s an awe-inspiring and frightening idea all the same. They are putting their lives on the line for us each and every day.  I’m honored that someone I don’t even know would do that for me. It just gives me chills.

So, today as I honor those who served and remember those that never made it home, I also remember my step-dad, Lynn, on what would have been his 66th birthday.   A husband, a father, a grandpa, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, a hunter, a machine operator.   

A gentle man with a heart of pure gold, who wasn’t afraid to scare the livin’ shit out of ya if you messed with his family.  An honorable man with a smile that brightened everyone’s day.  A veteran.  A hero.


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